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I'm a liberal. More recently, I've become anti-feminist after witnessing the hijacking and trolling feminists committed in the atheist community, spreading hatred and division and making false accusations of sexism. I'm also bothered by parallels between feminism and racism; both promote crime hysteria in an era of unprecidented peace and security; both encourage prejudice against groups they consider "dangerous". Both mix hate and fear, and claim fear as the excuse for hate.

In politics, I'm especially bothered that feminism brings hate into liberalism. Civil Rights was about hope and unity, but feminism rejects unity and wants conflict. That -some- people want that is unsurprising, but that -liberals- accept it -- that's deeply disturbing. We shouldn't accept hate.

But in a way none of this is surprising. Feminism was always a "revolutionary" movement, and all revolutions, if they don't end, will go too far. The good revolutions are the ones that end. Feminism should have ended a decade or two ago.
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MoP isn't childish at all. It's like being an adult, out of school, and having a daily job. Except you don't get weekends off.

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