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Shall we begin like David Copperfield? I am born, I grew up. Or shall we begin when I was....
The Un-United States, In the newest of Yorks, on the Isle of Long, roaming the Eastern Meadows.
I hear there are games you can play, On a computer!!
I am the LAUUU, or at the very least I work for them.


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"Oh yeah?" said Rhonin. "Well, I've got Reginald Whipplebottom the Fourth, here." As he said this, he brandished his right fist. "And I've got Agamemnon W. Jackson, as well," he said, indicating his left fist. "And they brought their buddy, Peter T. Thickness, the Piston of Devastation." As he said this, he did a pelvic thrust, in case it wasn't clear that he was talking about his penis.

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