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October 31, 1991 (24)
Too busy being awesome to write anything of worth, soz :<
Cept draenei...everything about draenei
England <3
Bright and colourful shiny Draenei...and stuff
Hairdresser :3 WoW and hair is a glorius mix


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"Dear Diary,
Today, Sylvanas was a total B when I told her to do what I said. Totally uncool. I wish dad was here, but he had to go off and be a horrible disgrace. I know Thrall told me he was a hero, but Thrall's a total human-lover. Gag me with a spoon. That guy is laaaaaame. Anyway, Diary, I have to go. My jaw tattoo needs a touchup. OMG I know, my tats are totes adorbs. Lates! XXXO - Garrosh"

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