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2014-08-18 11:50 PM
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I have been playing WoW since the end of Vanilla.
I remember my first character was Squishyman, a hunter on some server. I got him to level 25 before I stopped playing. It took me forever to get him there. When I came back, I made a rogue and leveled him up on my server now. One day, I decided to hop on my old hunter and check him out. After I was more experienced with the game and knew general information, I looked at my gear and LOL'd hard. Then I looked at my talents and LOL'd even harder. I didn't ever spend them. No idea what they were back then.
Funny how things change... Ever since then, I stuck with my hunter :) HUNTERZ 4 LIFE
Infant punting. Actual sport where I live.
CEO of Microsoft


Wonderlube- Ele shaman (Illidan)

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