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Hi I'm Daerone.
I have for years watched people use WoW models in Warcraft 3 on the site Warcraft Underground, and always been fascinated by it.
After 2 year of watching other people modify and change models, I began to learn how I could become a modeler and 2D artist like others.
I started out by making icons for Warcraft 3. These icons where picture I would have taken of the models where I afterwards Photoshop the picture so that they may fit into icons.
This started my knowledge of 2D graphics. I soon began to make skins for the models, so that they would appear different from what they started too look like.
This gave me a huge knowledge about the colors and their value on the model. Also i would learn how to set colors together so that the colors would harmonize.
I then soon learned how to work with 3D models which was what I had dreamed of ever since I had seen the WoW models for Warcraft 3.
I was able to put gear on creatures and characters which originally wasn't made for them, and I soon knew how to make my very own custom gear for a model.
Ever since I have learned this have I been messing around with the models. Which soon lead to a collection of custom made models.

You can find my work at:
Modeling, 2D Art



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