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January 6, 1990 (27)
Been playing wow since 2 months after vanilla launched. I was a pretty hard-core World PVPer but really didn't have too much time for it due to guild raiding schedules. After BC launched I was able to slow down on raiding and really get into Arenas where I played my locks Traumatize & Kaosueitami with an irl Resto sham and a rogue we picked up. We went to Rank 1 and kept it from Season 1 to Season 5 where we got tore to shreds by TSG,But alas we ended with a Gladiator title. After that our shaman died in a car crash,My rogue and I got close in that time and we went for 2 more rank one titles until season nine 9 ended and we both sold our accounts and decided to quit the game. I ended up coming back the end of 4.2 and playing another lock where I goofed off until the end of S10. Mid S11 I created a priest which I played Disc up to 2.1k playing DK Rogue Disc. After that I have played casually and can't really get myself back into "HardCore" pushing rank competition.
Bum,Video Editing,Watching TV,and Skateboarding / Biking
Doing something in some place at sometime for someone


Biography - Book Of Punishment - The Great Church

"Don't follow me I feel like i'm going to spontaneously combust."


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