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I'm a long-time 'casual' (yet play a good 18 hours a week at least, since Cata).

I'm also a PhD Candidate in Political Science - hoping to be entitled to refer to myself as Dr. by this time next year. I focus on international politics, with a strong focus on the developing world - and a specialization in Southeast Asian politics; political, social and economic development; politics of identity; theories of the state; globalization.

I also have a Master's Degree in International Development and a BA in both Philosophy and Political Science.

Oh, I'm 30 as well...

And... high... (when your job is to sit at home and write a dissertation, pot happens...)
Politics in any form, music, travel, better living through chemistry, stuff...
PhD Candidate in the middle of writing his dissertation


~ Someday suppose that my curious nervousness
Spills into prescience, clairvoyant consciousness
I will be calmer than cream, Making maps out of your dreams
But will psychic ability clinch the nativity or simply diminish the flinch
Oh Young Liars - thank you for taking my hands... Young Liars~

-- TV on the Radio --


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