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    Erm, I dunno, I still havent found a way to get those super high pitched screams from the scary maze type videos along with that face to go the fuck away. Dunno what it is about it that freaks me out so much!
    Cho’Gall: Cairne Bloodhoof is dead? Did we kill him?
    Deathwing: No. The Grimtotems weakened him with poison, and then Garrosh accidentally hacked him to death with an axe during a heated political discussion.
    Cho’Gall: How do you accidentally kill someone with an axe?

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    Someone said disturbing?

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    Just don't think about it and don't really bother remembering it..
    Howay the lads!

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    Kill it with fire.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    Mobius strip still has 2 sides. you can pinch 2 fingers on both sides of the ribbon at the same spot
    Quote Originally Posted by auBerg View Post
    You are a certified crackpot that is subservient to the manipulators of science who are dreaming to control knowledge.

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    thank you, this image made the disturbing moment I saw on youtube image out of my mind.

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