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    Destruction PVP guide?

    I've tried looking around but all the guides I can find contradict eachother, and half of them are clearly full of shit.

    Is there a decent one anywhere?

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    Seduction and then soulfire.
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    Not sure if he has a recent full guide but the only pvp destro lock around that i know of is Cobrak on youtube/twich. He probably has a backlog guide from early in WoD, tbh destro hasn't changed it all.

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    step 1) try to cast Chaosbolt
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    I don't understand how you mean that they "contradict" each other? No matter what you look up there's only a single line of viable talents for locks, especially destro locks? Do you want to know talents? Glyphs? Rotation? Like what are you asking for?

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