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    Warlock tanking is a thing!

    Hello fellow warlocks. I have been tweaking around and finding a playstyle that fits, but not much was needed actually. I have now tanked quite a few heroics, and have had no issues so far. And I was just curious as to, if there are any other warlocks out there that are tanking heroics?

    I have a few friends that I play with so they just que as tank and then I tank and they dps.

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    I haven't made it to 90 yet, so no tanking heroics yet, but I plan to once I get there. I did half-tank some Wrath dungeons; one tank was cool about it (we blazed through Culling of Strat and Utgarde Pinnacle), the next tank in Culling of Strat threw a hissy fit simply because I had Dark Apotheosis on and tried to wipe us (I tanked through that bullshit for a while; got sick of it by the second boss, and didn't touch it; it nearly wiped the rest of them), and the last tank threw a fit because the dk, the warrior, and I were all taking threat from him (so we 4-manned Halls of Stone).

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    I tanked a bunch of things at 85, but I was a little concerned back then that it was only possible because of the crazy item level we had at the time relative to heroic tuning.
    So it's nice to hear warlock tanking is still alive and well in Pandaria! I'm guessing the tuning of the new heroics is a lot more forgiving, so I'll definitely do some tanking once I get my warlock up to 90 in the future. ^^

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    I tanked in every heroic MoP dungeon, with absolutely no issue. But it's probably because MoP dungeons are super easy anyway.
    Unfortunately our taunt doesn't work on raid bosses, so even if we wanted to (and with sufficent gear), there's not a lot of MoP bosses we could tank (because most of MoP raid fights requires a tank switch).
    Soloing as a warlock.

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    I have been tanking on my warlock and am currently working on getting the gear to see if I can tank a challenge mode on him (been trying to get mastery and gem sockets on all gear I can and put all gems into Mastery while reforging the hit to dodge).

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    As a Death Knight i would love to have a Warlock companion who would tank with me in raids, it's a shame you can't taunt raid bosses, I would love to have a Warlock as tanking buddy!
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    The only problem I see with "warlock tanking" is that most things you can tank just hit for pathetically small amounts of damage anyway. For instance, due to incompetent tanks I was "tanking" most of LFR part 1 as affliction, and the damage done to cloth wearers is laughable compared to the damage done to tanks in the normal/heroic versions of the raid. Same goes for most heroics (especially compared to challenge modes), the damage is laughable since it is balanced around a total lack of coordination.

    Challenge modes should prove more difficult to tank, especially with lack of crit immunity chain pulls are probably not possible (plus I cannot see it possible, without vengeance, to hold aggro off DPS). Thus it is probably doable, but you wouldn't be able to get gold (even silver would be tough) tanking.

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