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    How do personal contribution scores work?

    I saw this new feature and I am wandering how the personal contribution scores work. I was on a team with someone who got a B, like me. However, I had 5/0/0. They had 0/11/1. Now, while all that great, I would assume that I would be higher then the person who fed the enemy team. So how does this actually work and what is it based off of?
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    Not exactly sure but I find when I'm top damage/top damage taken I tend to get higher scores. It probably factors in your role and sees exactly how much you did in the game as far as damage to champions/structures, damage taken/wards placed/ creep score etc. The person who's 'feeding' could very well have the highest damage output and more structure damage than all other players in the game.

    Unlikely I know but I've been the highest damage dealer as an adc even when I was feeding terribly.

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