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    Heroic shadow leggings for disc?

    At the moment I've got 5 pieces of tier 12 healing set, as you can see here http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...%C3%BCb/simple
    I'm already reforging out of spirit as you can see on my armory page.

    shannox is on farm on hc (duh) and since I don't really need more spirit I've been thinking about switching out my healing leggings to the shadow version for the extra mastery instead of spirit http://www.wowhead.com/item=71534
    Anyone else doing this, or am I just being stupid?

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    I'd say if you can get your hands on a Heroic Rhyolith helm in your future kills and get your Heroic leg token from Shannox it'd be better, unless you plan on killing Heroic Rag sometime soon and getting the token from there

    Basically its like

    H Rhyolith Helm + H Leg token vs Normal tier helm + H Shannox legs

    2 Heroic upgrades seems better imo
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    true, well we are capable of killing hc ryo.

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    If you go Shadow a lot and share gear, I could see it being reasonable. But I personally dislike the Shadow legs itemization and go with the Alysrazor pants (haste/crit, but I see you stack mastery/crit so the Shadow legs might go well for you). It's up to you, but I'd probably stick with upgrading Disc legs so you have options to replace other items, like Priesthoodz mentioned the Rhyolith helm. And you still have your shoulders and ring that you can reforge Spirit -> Mastery.

    Also, I would regem your chest. Either 2 Brilliant Inferno Rubies with no socket bonus (you'd gain 20 int and lose 20 mastery) or get the socket bonus with the blue socket using Purified Demonseye (no int loss due to socket bonus, and gain 20 spirit).

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    yeah I haven't played much after I got the tier 12 head so I haven't regemmed it properly yet. I needed another yellow gem to activate the meta, and I had one artful laying around in my bags :P

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    With so many people @ 6/7heroic I gotta feel like Ryo random enchant head (haste or mastery as preferred) + 4set hc seems the best option. Alot of people seem to offset the rag gloves with 7/7 heroic farm, and probably just to keep them from going to waste I've seen alot offset the crit/mastery shoulders while aquiring heroic tokens in a 6/7 situation.

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    Get Beth chest for offset healing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wablakin View Post
    Get Beth chest for offset healing.
    Getting the helm from Rhyo is miles better unless you have a heroic tier helm available.

    Once you get your Heroic Tier helm, you'll want the gloves off Rag also for the intellect increase.

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