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    Quote Originally Posted by StenchSlash View Post
    No fly until max level.. YES!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunkman View Post
    I mean, seriously, VP for daily quests? I really don't understand, what do people who aren't even going to run 5-mans need epic gear for anyway?
    They need epic gear for the same reason you do: They want it.
    I wanna go back to my trainer and learn a new spell in the next expansion! And we all need to be able to fly from day 1 ! (And fly over the Exodar and Silvermoon on our own mounts!)

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    Well I never, not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined so much negative feedback regarding the details of a World of Warcraft expansion from this community. In all seriousness though I like what I see so far especially the pet battles, PvE scenarios, and new class to play around with. Regarding the "VP from Dailies": anyone that actually gets upset about this won't be missed. Matter of fact I'm sure we'll see you all there.
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    Awesome - I love every change mentioned .

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    Leather Armor (Agility or Intellect) [/quote It was expected... but still. Damn it,, more competition on gear for rogues T_T. It will be a very bad time to be a rogue in dungeons, because there will be 3 pandaren in every group.. T_T
    With the lvl cap raised the food buff will probably be increased to 120-180 for everyone then the pandaren get X2 so 240-360 food buff! that's = to flasks almost!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prag View Post

    I don't know what's more insulting, the fact that they took an old joke and turned it into an expansion, or the fact that they're dangling what I expect will be an amazing mount in our faces to get us to subscribe for a FULL YEAR.

    "Hey, we're about to release some really shitty content... BUT, if you commit to a year of putting up with it, we'll toss you an overused mount for your $200."

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    Your point would be valid, if it weren't for the fact that you also get a free copy of Diablo III, and guaranteed beta access into MOP, the fact is. taking this deal with a 6month sub plan only costs you about 150 bucks, and DIII will run pretty close to $60 by itself. The way i figure it is you're getting a year of WoW, a bad-ass mount, and guaranteed beta access for $90, or 7.50 a month

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    Pet Battle System - Battle PvE and PvP Battles It will be turn based. A simple combat system. Fight with a team of 3 pets Queuing system, you will be able to find a fight pretty fast depending on the level of your pets. Pet Battle System - Customization You will finally be able to name your pets, and see that name in battle. Items for your pets, you will have an item slot for your pet and might be able to socket gems in those items, etc ... Individual builds of abilities and different teams. Masters and Masters abilities, there will be different NPC pet masters in the world who will let you earn abilities when you beat them. For example, beating the master of mechanical pets will get you a new ability for your pet!
    Just in case no one has said it yet.... ehhh heemmmm... POKéMON Gotta catch 'em all!

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    I dont know, guys. This whole expansion seems a bit improvised, dont you think?

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    Well since this game is turning in to the world of bonsai like the free to play korean games I would like to play for free on this also. Would be even more fitting since we are bringing pokemon and kungfu panda in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colester View Post
    Firstly, Pandas LMAO HA HA HA HA Ok, feeling a bit better. Not to be mean, but TBC was where they peaked. It has been a downward spiral since then. Do you not remember the devs saying that they considered wrath to be a failure. They tried to bring in more casual player base and in doing so dumbed down the game and made it even easier. All the raids since wrath has just not been as fun and I have played from vanilla till recently. I remember waiting to go into BT and being excited even though we have cleared it tons of times before. The game has had a nice run, but It's seems that this patch is more towards the younger kid crowd. They will probable get decent amount of sales, but with bigger games such as GW2 and swtor coming out they will probable loose more subs. I don't doubt the long time players, like myself from vanilla, will want something different after playing a game for 5+ years.
    Yep, I remember TBC clearly. I started playing a bit before BWL was added to original WoW.

    TBC was a turd of an expansion, in my personal opinion. It catered far too much to far too tiny of a demographic. Everything was pink/purple. The gear looked absolutely atrocious. End-game raiding had one of the most ignorant, pointless, overly convoluted attunement models in the history of online gaming.

    Old WoW was excellent. TBC was a sophomore effort that flopped.
    Yeah We ALl do m8 guess again somting went frong well lets hope it will be fixed soon

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    Alright... So let me get this straight... Blizzard has basically said, with a straight face, we're adding pokemon. Ripping off GW2's cool new skills system, we're using this new monk class an example profession from GW2, oh and you know those PvE events in GW2 we're taking those too I'm not saying it doesn't sound awesome or they couldn't have come up with the idea on their own, but seriously, Master Trainers. (derp derp derp, time to go to the next gym Red)

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    I like every idea except the pet battle thing could stand to be a little less pokemonesque and less races should be able to be monks. Tauren, orcs, trolls, pandaren, dwarves, night elves, and humans would make more sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prag View Post

    I don't know what's more insulting, the fact that they took an old joke and turned it into an expansion, or the fact that they're dangling what I expect will be an amazing mount in our faces to get us to subscribe for a FULL YEAR.

    "Hey, we're about to release some really shitty content... BUT, if you commit to a year of putting up with it, we'll toss you an overused mount for your $200."

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    There isn't a single part of that post that I agree with. Also you give me diabetes with your ignorance

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    I love how everyone is complaining about VP for dailies without taking into account other things that have been said. This for example,
    Valor Points will follow a new philosophy with 4.3, as a parallel way to gear up alongside the Raid Finder, but not as a fill-in for boss drops.
    VP gear will be parallel to RAID FINDER. As in, lower ilvl than actual raid gear. They're making Valor gear worse, so it will be useful as a stepping stone to raiding, but will be replaced by normal and heroic raid gear. So earning valor for doing daily quests make perfect sense when you think about it. You should earn stepping stone gear for questing.

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    Anybody else think the Pet system is kinda Pokemon based?

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    Quote Originally Posted by notorious98 View Post
    Companion Pet fights = Pokemon. Gotta catch em all. I'm so glad TOR comes out on 12/20. I couldn't stomach leveling through this stupid expansion. Really? Split faction races? Pokemon? Valor points for completing quests? At least they're getting rid of min range for hunters. Wow. Blizz is making everything stupid friendly nowadays.
    What is wrong with:
    split faction races?
    valor points from quests?
    And what is so noob friendly of these 3?
    video game companies: *makes game with female/LGBT characters*


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladesmith View Post
    Anybody else think the Pet system is kinda Pokemon based?
    Thanks for your original post, have you even read any of the other forums?

    This is pretty much the attitude and "talk of the town" of all the MoP bashing kids who've only played the game since WotLK.

    If you don't like the idea of pet battles then don't do them, simple yes?

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    Is the monk class going to heal with there energy or?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akk222 View Post
    Is the monk class going to heal with there energy or?
    They'll use mana for healing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathiest View Post
    Worgens actually have the prefect build for monk style fighting. They should make Monk not available for Gnomes and Goblins. Also the new talent tree sucks balls.
    The new talent tree is good, you have to make crucial choices in abilities and not have them all at once... like frost mages can have 5019283 novas now, but not in Mop...rogues can have shadowstep and preparation, not in Mop.

    For pvp its gonna rule.

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    I liken the Pet Battles more to Monster Arena in Dragonquest 8 myself but meh I think its a fun idea better than "gotta get them all" for the last 7 years to sit uselessly in your ui or beside you after you get the achieves which reward....*gasp* more pets.

    What I find absolutely hilarious is how much people put TBC up on a pedistool and hate the Pandaren yet Blizzard said Pandaren were originally going to be in TBC for Alliance. If they had would people still think TBC was the best?

    Personally I've been playing wow since MC and I was a hardcore raider through Wotlk and TBC was some of the crappiest raids and by FAR the worst dungeons I've played. I loved Vashj Kael and Illidan and Sunwell but getting to those bosses was agonizing SSC im looking at you you steaming pile of garbage. People love TBC heroics so much was spending 2 hours in the dungeon (after spamming for more in trade for an hour then trying to get someone to come to the stone to summon) cc'ing every pack to get maybe a blue drop and some badges? mind as well have called them 5 man raids but I digress. But I have had absolutely ZERO interest in raiding Cata the raids look boring and uninspired and sweet jesus enough fire already.

    MoP is going to be a great xpac IMO and once people realize Pandaren aren't the only thing on Pandaria they will get over it or go and play World of Starwars-Craft either way im excited.

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    This will be the first expansion I don't buy. Can't believe Blizzard is doing this to their fanbase. Or actually I can believe it when I look back at the incredibly dissapointment that Cata was. MoP should be some free to play junk on Facebook, not an expansion for WoW.

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