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    Holy questing - confirmed to NOT be viable

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Is there any plan to make solo Holy Priest DPS better? Running daily quests take a lot of time in Holy.
    Nope, we have dual spec, it isn't a priority for us to make it viable for raiding or fast daily quests. We have to keep it balanced for PvP as well. In the Firelands some of the daily quests are designed to be actually easier for healers.
    I don't know what to say. I don't think GC knows just how bad holy dps really is.

    I love quests. I have done virtually every quest in the game. Sure it takes time as a healer, but that's not my major headache. The headache is that I frankly could not do them at all. After I hit the twilight highlands, I was simply shut down hard on several quests in a row that I simply could not solo. These were not group quests mind you. Just regular quests with a high HP mob. I struggled INCREDIBLY hard to down that black dragon for example, while wearing BiS quest gear. Any mob with more than 100k HP I needed my shadowfiend's assistance to down. Any mob with more than 130k HP was simply unkillable. I had to deck myself out in 359 gear before I could finish the twilight highlands. I was furious.

    And now the official answer is that I am not supposed to be able to solo mobs unless I respecc?

    I'm SO taking that answer to the extreme.
    - Resto shammies rightfully complaining about low HPS? I'll go tell them to respecc somethign else. Not all content is supposed to be doable as all specs.
    - Retri DPS low? Sucks to be you. Go prot and LIKE it. Not all content is supposed to be doable as all specs.
    - Druids bad in PVP? Well, too bad. Not all content is supposed to be doable as all specs.

    This is quite a major change in policy I would say.

    What's next? Heroics only doable as disc specs? Raids impossible unless you are shadow?

    Calm down, Danner. --Kel
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danner View Post
    Any mob with more than 130k HP was simply unkillable. I had to deck myself out in 359 gear before I could finish the twilight highlands. I was furious.
    Youre doing something terribly wrong if youre dying to a mob with 130k hp... AS. A. HEALER.

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    Why not just dual spec and switch for questing... I'm not sure I quite understand your rage.

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    why did you not just heal yourself ( u are speced heals anyway) while letting SWP and DP tick away ? with a renew on yourself that's what I did I had no issues at all ....... ever just consider u are bad at the game ?

    Did you use any of these abilitys ?

    2. POM
    3. divine guardian
    4. etc etc need I say more ?
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    because making your secondary spec shadow is hard -_-

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    This was at the beginning of the expansion. I had BiS quest gear, roughly ilvl 325 or so.
    The problem was that mana was so tight that it was IMPOSSIBLE to outheal it.

    Heal, while cheap, healed for 5-6k HPS. Mobs hit for 10-12k HPS. It was a net loss to use while in combat.
    Mind Spike being the only worthwhile attack spell, costs so much mana that a holy manabar only sustained spikes worth ~100k Damage before hard ooming.
    And no, using other attack heals would not have helped, it's the best damage / mana option as a holypriest.
    GHeal and FHeal only made the situation worse. Desperate Prayer was a lifesaver, but only works once.
    And since your killspeed is incredibly slow as a holypriest (which is okay!), this basically meant that there isn't enough mana to down stuff.

    I challenge anyone to try. Go to the twilight highlands in ~ilvl 325 green gear and down a twilight enforcer or obsidia the black dragon.

    GC's answer? Respecc shadow. Holy isn't supposed to do quests.


    As for making a secondary spec... it's not hard. But why do I have to?
    I'm a holypriest. I am okay with killing stuff slower. Not okay with not being able to kill stuff.

    How would a sub rogue reply if he's told that subtlety is only for raiding. "Sucks to be you. Get a dagger and go assassin. "
    Is he then really a sub sub rogue?
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    Is this serious? REALLY? Like really? So your telling my your a healer and you have an issue with your dps? That is the stupidest argument ever.

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    i agree with GC, you want to quest? be something that's not a healer

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    First off, let me point out something here:

    He did not say "Go Discipline", he just pointed out a couple of the dailies are easier as healers, and I agree with him. (Actually, Molten Front as Atonement, first five quests do themselves for you so long as you smite the right mob).

    The point of Holy is a healer first and foremost. The fact that you compare it to issues other specs are having with their primary role is borderline trolling. If Protection was complaining that it took too long to kill mobs unless they AoE'd them down, and was told to go Ret (or Arms/Fury, pick your flavor), that would be exactly the response that Holy was given. WE ARE NOT DPS.

    Resto Shaman having HPS issues and telling them to reroll/respec isn't fixing it. Paladins wanting to tank aren't being told to roll Warrior for raids. We are far past "be this class or you're sub par", it's just that as a Healer, your primary concern is not DPS. It's healing. Roll Renew on yourself, use Chastise liberally. Holy Fire, Mind Spike, Mind Blast combo kills things on the Front pretty easily. Takes longer than Shadow (which was the point of the question), but its doable.

    So again, calm down.
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