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    Quote Originally Posted by chronicline View Post
    i would sub to that game.
    and i know several people who would also do this - including me

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    What im really hoping for is world pvp, with the 2 new dalarans (horde and alliance) and world bosses, i can see world pvp actually happening (which means im gonna have to get a better graphics card).

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    I really can't wait at all.

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    It's unfortunate it doesn't see much love

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    How stupid is it, that you can not get to your conqest-cap if you played rated battlegrounds before you hit your specific arena-cap?

    This is so great, i'm just impressed by that stupidity.

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    Great necro, moron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodejjj View Post
    Great necro, moron.
    necroing stickys, like a boss? idiot.

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