Thread: Help fix my DPS

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    Help fix my DPS

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me fix my DPS, it just seems low and like i am more of a person getting carried than a person contributing to the group.

    Here is a link to my guilds log to get some insight

    And here is a link to my armory

    Thank you for any help you can give

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    Would help if you explained your rotation to us!

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    I took a look at your latest Archimonde log:
    • You use Inc+CA only twice in the fight, once at start and another past 6min. You can use it one more time at the 3min mark.
    • Your second use doesn't line up with second pot or heroism
    • Shooting Stars procs are low. It's either bad RNG or you're casting moonfire/sunfire on adds that die and you don't re-apply it on a living target. The tooltip specifies "when your most recent Moonfire or Sunfire deals damage over time". Fewer shooting stars procs = fewer starsurges which also means less uptime on starfall with class trinket.

    Other notes:
    • finish 4 set, its a 6% damage increase
    • get legendary ring
    • not that you die too much but being dead = lower dps; use barkskin/health pots more and I'd advise switching Ysera's gift with Renewal to be able to save your own ass more

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    Renewal never outheals Cenarion Ward used on CD. If Ysera's doesnt cut it use that.

    Nature's vigil can pump out some pretty decent healing on a 2 minute cd too.

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    Thanks guys! Getting my legendary ring now and i should have 4 piece this weekend! Im gonna swap to Renewal also, completely forgot that the skill was there lol

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