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    I hope they handle the zone overlap intelligently, one thing I can't stand is invisible walls or a zone surrounded my mountains or buildings that you can't get past.

    I've seen some screenshots of swtor, corrusant for example has lots of buildings you can see...but I'll bet 95% will be inaccessible to the player and are there for decoration or as zone wall. Even the buildings you can access, again only 5% of that building will be used.
    Actually, they've directly stated that everything is to scale. If you can access it, it's going to be exactly as big as it looks. Warehouses are actually large, houses vary from small, poor houses, to big ol' mansions. Nothing is meant to mislead you, and they also refuse to use clown car mechanics with their instances. No more tiny "keeps" that you zone into and they're 50X larger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KvanCetre View Post
    To be fair, this was Guild Wars after two "expansions" (each a standalone game in itself). And there is a lot of continent that simply can't be explored.

    It may be bigger, but WoW feels bigger, especially with quick travel in GW.
    They could have just used Tyria (as opposed to all three) and it still would have been larger than All WoW expansions, dungeons and raids combined. But yeah, the map travel and the instancing of zones is what made Guild Wars feel smaller than it was. It's totally the opposite if your run from one side to the other...
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    the barren planets i don't mind having it sparse.. they even said that Tattoine will have mobs spread out through out the place and not packed into single areas
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    I've seen that map before and there's absolutely no way those maps are to scale. It claims the GTA 3 map is 3 square miles and the LotRO map is 30,000 square miles. That means that the distance from side to side is 100x greater in LotRO (100x100=10,000). So, even if you could run across the entire GTA 3 map in 10 minutes (and I know it takes longer than that), it would take you roughly 16.5 HOURS of running to get from end to end in LotRO, which I know for a fact it does not. I'm sure they put some time and effort into creating that map, but it sure isn't very accurate.

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    I'm fairly certain that I will be huge I mean its a 40gig download
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    Quote Originally Posted by Overlord Urahara View Post
    I'm fairly certain that I will be huge I mean its a 40gig download
    well thats just the beta, it will probly be a lot smaller, hell i have a 7 GB filled folder filled with random pictures i use to making slideshows for work.. well use to use for work before i moved

    right now there are a lot of unused images and stuff, they will slim the fat down a bit

    wish wow would a bit, a lot of game files in the game that we cant even use/wear/see

    i mean.. like in vanilla did we really need a small 3D portion of a concept of hellfire floating in the middle of the WoW void? or parts of the emerald dream inside the live game?
    no but its in there now
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    Saw some people mention Eve, and that maybe it wouldn't count because a lot of it is empty space.

    While true, remember you can in fact travel from one end of the "universe" to the other without the use of a Stargate, although fitting the fastest ship to go the fastest speed possible it was estimated to take somewhere around 5-7 years.

    And that doesn't even factor in the 2500 wormhole systems, added to the games already 5000 Eve Universe systems.

    Eve definitely qualifies as the biggest game in terms of "explorable space", may not be much to see, but you can still go see it.

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