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    Help me win a Playstation 4 20th Anniversary Edition!

    So,the main gaming site here in Croatia is having a giveaway of the PS4 20th Anniversary Edition that lasts until the 21st of December (until midnight),and I thought you guys might have a few good ideas.

    Here's the deal: You must recreate PS's logo using anything in real life in the most creative way possible. After your work of art is done,you simply post the picture on their Facebook profile with the hashtag #20YearsOfPlay.
    Being a terribly uncreative person myself,I thought mmo-champ might provide a few good (and creative!) suggestions.
    Of course,the logo can't contain anything offensive or rude,otherwise you're automatically disqualified.

    In case you're interested,here's HCL Gaming's website (Croatian language),and their Facebook page.

    - The giveaway ends on 21.12.2014 (midnight).
    - You must recreate the Playstation logo in real life. You can use anything you can think of.
    - The entry is posted on Facebook using the hashtag #20YearsofPlay
    - The person with the most creative logo gets the new Playstation 4 20th Anniversary Edition delivered to his/her home.

    Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions,thanks.

    To fix a few misconceptions....I was asking for ideas/suggestions,not the actual remakes (that would be plain stupid).
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    Why should I or anyone help you win a PS4? If I were able to create a logo for Playstation I would submit my own work so I can win it and not give it to someone else so they can win off of my work and I get left with nothing. Especially if I'm doing this for a complete stranger. Just doesn't make any sense to me, just saying.
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