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    Vestments of the Virtuous + Benediction for healy-mode but I'm still going back to get some of the gear I deleted or never picked up. I don't particularly like that they're adding this level of customization to gear, but I will say that its a damn fine way to get people back into outdated content.

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    I'm probably with the people who say T6 but I really hate the shoulders for it.

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    T8 (10man) for me. Along with Devotion off of Yogg. Tier 5 is alright. IMO Tier 8>6>5

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    So far I have tier 8, ten man and Aurastone hammer from Molten Core, offhand is 25 four horsemen Urn of Lost Memories. I think it looks all nice together as an undead.

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    I will be wearing T8 Blue =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lustinus View Post
    I cannot wait to see people failing at matching stuff. I've already seen some REALLY bad looking stuff in here! Like, matching T4 + T5 + Cowl of Benevolence?? SERIOUSLY people? Those DO NOT MATCH! I for one will be going for this simple set:

    Vordie, do you mind letting me know what that helm is? Please and thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brusalk View Post
    If it's what I think it is, it's tier 7 from naxx, http://www.wowhead.com/item=40456#screenshots:id=110883
    A simple armory search shows that it's the Crown of the Fire Festival
    Quote Originally Posted by Pet0r-the-Pan View Post
    i would only buy a flying potato

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    To be honest, this is one of the thigns that will bring me back to WoW after 2 months break. I was planning on taking a short leave, but hell yeah I'm coming back!

    I am a nut when it comes to dresses...uh, I mean robes.

    P.S - Gief awesomeness!

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    Tier 10 Heroic Sanc. for me.
    Can't think of a good weapon though, assuming it has to be a dagger for a dagger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cl0ver View Post
    Tier 10 Heroic Sanc. for me.
    Can't think of a good weapon though, assuming it has to be a dagger for a dagger.
    Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas if you have a staff equipped

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    hm either 1 5 or 8

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    I have a 72 priest is not my main or even played alt,sitting at 72 since wotlk it was a main character along with a rogue in TBC,anyway if i will ever level it up i will use transmogrification to vengeful set(i have full set and the mace/staff from s3 too) so yeah Vengeful set with the mace or benediction staff if i still have it in bank.

    I know priest Vengeful set is not looking so great but since only very few people has that set it worth using it so i can look kinda unique gonna use vengeful set on my rogue,mage and druid too

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    I have my T6 in bank, all ready to be used ALL THE TIME! I just love that set.

    Aswell, since I'm sort of a "gear whore" I have hogged together so much different cloth gear (chests, shoulders, head peaces) trough the ages that I found many different looks while checking trough what I have. If too many priests will run around in T6, I'll find something else to wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cl0ver View Post
    Tier 10 Heroic Sanc. for me.
    Can't think of a good weapon though, assuming it has to be a dagger for a dagger.
    It does... but it doesn't have to be a caster dagger. There are some pretty awesome looking physical dps daggers out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cl0ver View Post
    Tier 10 Heroic Sanc. for me.
    Can't think of a good weapon though, assuming it has to be a dagger for a dagger.

    Shard of Azzinoth is pretty sweet for a dagger.

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    they all look pretty bad so ill stick with ruthless on my tauren

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    I REALLY wanted to do that too... also the winter clothes outfit. Sadly though there was a new post recently that clarified that the items had to have a stat aside from armor


    Edit- I do really love the bunny ears with T5 though... that looks great
    That sucks because there are some great armor pieces that you can buy from vendors that are white and only have armor on them for a stat. I can kinda understand the xmas costume, but these other items are not 'silly'.

    I haven't decided if I am going to go Tier for my priest or not. I like T 2, 5, & 6. But a lot of people will be wearing those. The recolor is great of T2. I might just do a random one. See what I can dig up on WoWhead, and from my tailoring. Thankfully I do have some time to get a few different ideas together.

    Yay, for more people wanting to raid old content though.
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    When I get back to WoW I will probably reach for the Tier 6 along with the Lifespark Visage model for the helm. Looks awesome in the profiler on wowhead, especially on goblins.

    I will use the Tier 5 as my healing set and still keep the Tier 8 head model. Looks pretty gangsta!
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    Question for the more experienced priests:

    I absolutely love the priest Tier 6. Been going back to collect it and just need the chest now since I only started playing late in TBC. Anyways, any suggestions for a staff or mace/offhand that fits well with it nicely?

    Would love some suggestions from those who have more experience with some of the older gear. Thanks!

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