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    Because I wanted to go for something a little bit... different. I have yet to nab a cloak and belt that work perfectly but have a few in mind. Too bad you can't transmog a legendary

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    I decided to stop being lame and to link how my priest looks Mostly T6, I know the belt and gloves don't exactly "match" but I really like how they work with it. Shadowform softens it enough to make it good imo

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    Arlee, is that the glyphed shadowform?
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    Yes it is the glyphed shadowform

    Also things are updated now. Going to insert a "rules for transmog" list at the top of the first post.

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    Can you guys place here your 1h spell daggers? Im in need one that looks good and priestly, priestly in terms of holy, I want a dagger, book combo!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeLions View Post
    Can you guys place here your 1h spell daggers? Im in need one that looks good and priestly, priestly in terms of holy, I want a dagger, book combo!!!
    I think Alcor's Sunrazor makes good transmog fodder for a holy-looking set. It's the same model as the Heartseeker, but it's a golden theme.

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    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Drye/advanced <- items being used.

    Wanted something different, non-robed. I'd like to find a different belt but other than that I really like the set. I'm getting the staff in two weeks so I might switch it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elleanor View Post
    I've put together a few sets again. Some of the items I've used are alliance only I'm afraid.

    Thought it was time for me to create a set with pants instead of a robe, resulting in the following:
    (Chest is only for alliance)

    Items used:

    Head: Whitemend Hood
    Shoulders: Primal Mooncloth Shoulders
    Chest: Jessera's Fungus Lined Tunic
    Belt: Primal Mooncloth Belt
    Gloves: Glacial Gloves
    Legs: Gilded Trousers of Benediction
    Cloak: Permafrost Cape
    Weapon: Redemption
    I managed to nab all of these...except the stupid gloves. NOBODY on my server has the runes needed to craft them anymore. I've been asking for a month now, and no takers yet. I'm having to use the Mooncloth gloves from Vanilla. I also found that the 'aurora slippers' from Wrath are covered by the pants, so they work well. Not sure what other boots do that, I just happened to have a used pair in my bank. Also, the whitemend pants look exactly like the Gilded Trousers, if they aren't on the AH.
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    Hey all,

    Inspired by previous posts about some priest image (Think it was a person named Mazi who posted it), i tried to create a simillar set (think it's already on the first page of the thread), however, i didn't liked the colour, so i decided to go with white stuff, and this is what i came up to:

    List of items used:
    Head - Valorous circlet of faith
    Shoulders - Swiftheal mantle
    Chest - Mooncloth mantle
    Staff - Blood Boil Lancet
    Gloves - Relentless Glaiator's Satin Gloves
    Belt - Majordomo's Chain of Office
    Boots - Courtier's Slippers

    About belt & gloves, well, i picked belt that i have now, cause the colour of it fairly matches colour on shoulders / weapon (sadly no white colour on it :/). For gloves i picked something out of my bank that has fairly any white colour, i'd like to see if you guys have any sugestion on "white gloves", maybe belt too.

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    with Merciless Dragon <3

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    I put together a High Inquisitor Whitemane set, it would probably look better on human and belf but still looks the part on my Draenei imo.

    Also Looks good with Vengeful shoulders I think:

    Normal Whitemane set:
    Head - Whitemane's Chapeau
    Shoulders - Crimson Silk Shoulders
    Chest - Cindercloth Vest
    Bracers - Earthmender's Bracer of Shattering
    Weapon - Invincible Stave
    Gloves - Gloves of the High Magus
    Belt - Embereye belt (still trying to find better one)
    Legs - Cindercloth Pants
    Boots - Infernoweave Boots

    Got a lot of these pieces from info on wowhead and thottbot, didn't piece it all together myself :P
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    I just hit 85 on my priest and farmed up the S3 set. My question is can someone tell me what staves match the set that I could farm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucidious View Post
    I just hit 85 on my priest and farmed up the S3 set. My question is can someone tell me what staves match the set that I could farm?

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=32055 fromKezzik the Striker

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    Me As priest

    Archangel Proc

    Back side


    Shiny Horse

    What do you think?

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    I've gone for the boring option of T6 for my shadowy lil' guy. Everybody's wearing it, but what the hell, it's a great set. Other than the tier items, I hadn't actually planned ahead for patch 4.3, so my belt is a random PvP item I had in my bags which sort-of matches the set (doesn't look too different in Shadowform, anyway). The boots are the 359 vendor ones which match the T11 set, they don't really fit with the rest of my stuff but they're more or less the same colour, so whatever. Cloak is from some TBC raid or another, it's a model I like but in all honesty it doesn't match the set at all. I didn't have anything better lurking in my bank, though.

    I used a staff from EoE10 for the weapon (Greatstaff of the Nexus), to be honest I had just kept it from farming Malygos because I thought it looked cool, but it works surprisingly well with the T6 set.

    Overall I'm satisfied with my transmogrifying, since I didn't really prepare for it and haven't spent much time looking at alternative options since.

    The Avatar set (another clichéd option!) would be nice for healing, but I don't heal much and I've had enough of farming old TBC raids for now. I love the look of the PvP set that someone posted which is a darker version of T5 too, looks like a very nifty alternative for shadow!

    It's worth mentioning that T13 for priests is probably my favourite set that Blizz have ever released, in any tier, so if I can get my hands on that I'll probably be transmogging all my future stuff to that
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    I have a pink set I made for lols. But I am starting to like it.

    Head: Circle of Flame
    Shoulders: Vestia's Pauldrons of Inner Grace
    Chest: Vestments of the Shifting Sand
    Wrist: Light Scribe Sands
    Gloves: Prismatic Mittens of Mending (want to replace these with something else, haven't found any yet)
    Belt: Ruthless Gladiator's Cord of Accuracy
    Legs: Abyssal Cloth Pants (same model as Black Mageweave Pants)
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    I am not generally a fan of pink but that is pretty cool I mean... It even matches your hair

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    This is what I finally settled on:

    T5 gloves and chest with T8 shoulders and helm. The BOA caster Mace and the Mantle of Gilneas which goes rather well with it.

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    Here is a set im working on for my priest...having a hard time getting the robes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zomgname View Post

    Here is a set im working on for my priest...having a hard time getting the robes.
    What staff is that?

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