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    Soaking big armageddon as spriest

    in a normal tos run earlier someone said he saw a shadow priest soak a big armageddon and survive it, but I cant figure out how.
    Dispersion is only a 60% dmg reduction and armageddon does 15.9 mio dmg on impact.
    Is there something I´m missing or did this person just not see that the shadow did get an external cd?
    I´m new on my priest so I´m kinda lacking a bit of know-how

    thanks in advance!

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    So it's physical damage so factor in the damage reduction given by your armor value which is probably 10-15% or something, shadowform reduces physical damage done to you by another 10%, the 60% from disperse, a few hundred thousand PW:S absorb, any absorb added by our VT artifact trait thing and it's technically possible. You would want to cast dispersion SUPER late so that the healing tick from it would let you not immediately die from the next dot tick.

    Also a disc priest PW:S can be into the millions of absorb so that could play a factor as well. With all that in mind, for normal you'd only need like 4-4.5mil or so health to survive, +/- due to PW:S absorb from Disc if available.

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    The dmg might scale down a little when grp size is small, but probably that dude just missed something. Maybe he used Prydaz for +1m. absorb or got PW:S from Disc. Dispersion only is not enough in big grps, and most probably very risky even in 10man
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    I soak big armageddons with my own PW:S and Dispersion in our normal runs, usually around 10-12 people.

    If I don't get hit by anything else (Bursting Dreadflames) and no meteors explode, I survive with 5-10% HP. It's risky, but it rarely kills me.

    It's possible the healers are using some additional shield or CD whenever it's my turn, but nothing they felt was worth mentioning.

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    With roughly 3.6 million HP and no Prydaz, I could soak the big Armageddons with just my own Power Word: Shield and Dispersion for a 15-player group. This used to leave me with roughly 15-20% hp remaining. However, now that I am using Prydaz and have better gear (resulting in 4.07 million hp), I quite often survive with an amount of health that is more towards 50%.
    All in all, if you do not have any alternatives, soaking the big Armageddon's with a Shadow Priest is a viable alternative for a group of up to 15 players (assuming the Priest's gear is good enough).
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    Does Armageddon's damage even scale with group size? Since it's something you soak alone, as opposed to a 'split among all targets hit' mechanic, I can't see why group size would affect the damage of it.

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    if you ask for an external cd like ironbark or sacri you can easily soak it

    otherwise it's iffy in low gear
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    Shadow mend talent + PWS + Dispersion + Legendary absorb trinket + mental fortitude artifact talent.
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    External CDs are a thing.

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