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    S.priest Legendary Spreadsheet. Help!

    Hey, i just got my spriest dinged to 110 and will reroll to it during Antorus. My question is if someone here can clarify what legendaries work best when it comes to ST. I'm very confused by the HowToPriest spreadsheet as i am not familiar with the abbreviations.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Generally speaking, Belt and Sephuz are the best for most situations even without Sephuz proc. Most legendaries are actually close in terms of dps gain so if you don't get the bis, you can still rank just fine. Belt makes the rotation smoother as it allows for Mind Blast to be used more often as a filler while also increasing your overall dmg and insanity generation.

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    For questing / dungeons, chest + belt

    For raids, Sephuz + belt

    Prydaz is also pretty nice, for survivability
    Guide for setting up VuhDo to track shields/absorbs

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    As has been stated above, most legendaries are very close in terms of output. With access to all legendaries, your go-to for raids should be belt+sephuz. For dungeons/questing I really like running sephuz+chest (and change to sephuz+belt for bosses).

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