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    The set is a tad different, it's alot higher res and shaped different.
    Ye, but it was based off of priest T10. I dunnno if the actual gear shown on the character creation screen is in the game though.
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    No the priest gear on the character creation screen is not available in-game. The only gear that is available on those characters is the DK set I think. All of the others are new/retextured sets with higher res and more features.

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    Well right now my set is:

    But i'm planning on getting a new one, it will look like these:

    But i need a helm or something, i think i'm going to use:

    the problem is that, that halo is a little overused and i don't like to have something everyone else have >.<, can you guys recommend me a head piece?
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    Using this atm. <3
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    The moment when, thanks to transmogrification, your character selection screen looks like the cast of the Downton Abbey.

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    T2 helm might work.

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    my shadow priest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrwyss View Post

    Current shadow transmog.
    pretty cool think the offhand could be a better thought does match your skin also whats up with the black hoofs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannypoos View Post
    pretty cool think the offhand could be a better thought does match your skin also whats up with the black hoofs!
    Ye I didnt realy look for any offhand,might try getting that one from bloodqueen in icc,and black hoofs...i think its the only color available

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    You should get that book from sunwell as your offhand, it has the correct colours if I remember it right.

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    Anyone know of a good looking dagger to go with t5 pvp? Interested in all kinds of weapons but mainly daggers atm.

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    My priest's newest set. I don't normally like helmets that cover most of the face, but this fits like a glove in my opinion.

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    Not the most thoughtful set. PvP gear; t4 copy mostly, but the t5 copy head because it looks alot better.
    And the staff because it's one of the coolest in game

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    Lindara, as shadow, but not in form for sake of screenie:

    Black Mageweave Robes
    Robes of Evocation
    Shimmering Bracers (wish I could hide them entirely)
    Black Mageweave Gloves
    Girdle of Prophecy
    Frostweave Pants (but who cares, they can't be seen)
    Netherweave Boots

    Healing Sets:

    Same as above except with
    Mooncloth Robes
    Aurora Mantle (wish I could hide shoulders with this set)

    Also looking for a better belt that matches the dress.

    Same as above except
    Corsair's Overshirt
    Laughing Skull Shoulderpads.
    Crimson Silk Belt

    I also occasionally use T10 and T13.

    Was originally going to use the Black Mageweave set, but I felt too naked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post

    Could work well with the T6.
    Yep, I pretty much used that dagger with all the BC sets because it looks nice and covers enchants.

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    After farming bloodsail rep and getting the hat & costume I wanted a set to pvp with and so assembled this :

    Its pretty intimidating, I know.

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