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    i haven't seen any transmogs for this robe really so i came up with one last night, boots aren't final but they were the best i had on a whim.

    item list in case anyone is curious:

    head: shadoweave mask
    shoulders: felcloth shoulders
    chest: robe of volatile power
    hands: dark storm gauntlets
    belt: deathmage sash
    boots: currently vindicator's mooncloth slippers, plan to use ruby slippers whenever i get them
    weapon: exodar life-staff

    if anyone has an advice on better matching items let me know ^_^

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    I might go with http://www.wowhead.com/item=21275#. The colors match a bit more with your current scheme, at least imo.

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    maybe, i didn't have it already so i just went with whatever i had that matched the best, plus i think the augur staff would show the stupid green glow more, which would definitely clash more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacklabel View Post
    Just got it.. thanks. Couldn't find a nice white or white/golden belt and gloves.
    I'm replying to an old post, but I have a lot of love for the mooncloth robe <3 and the belt I found most tricky to match.

    I wear mine with ebonweave gloves, guardian's silk belt and valorous shoulderpads of sanctification, this is my absolute favorite transmog.

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    Just wish off-hand wasn't at such a weird angle. Wonder if they'll fix it in WoD... Shadow gear is same, except Exodar Life-Staff instead of the mace/off-hand.

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    Finally got my straw hat. I wanted to make a similar set with the Mechbuilder's Overalls, but I probably wouldn't live long enough to see this darn thing.

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    I have to say of all the transmogs I've submitted between my characters, this one is hands down my favorite. It started with the staff, followed by a lucky double whammy of the belt and robe off Ordos last week. Hoping for something to tie it together with the shoulders I was fortunate to have the Mantle of Closed Doors drop that same week. Top it off with the Jewel and bam! it looks great. All newer items with great rendering and color scheme which I thought was fitting for my Horde Tauren. Cannot wait to see how it looks outfitted on an updated model. This is a combo Ill be running around in for awhile.

    Head: Jewel of the Firelord
    Shoulders: Mantle of Closed Doors
    Chest: Catia's Flowing Robes
    Gloves: Handwraps of the Cleansing Flame
    Belt: Derevka's Gleaming Girdle
    Staff: Spire of Coagulated Globules

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    The chest is Stormspire Vest, which has those little arm sleeve thingies that you don't get with the mageweave vest. Combine with Darkbind Fingers for the full-set look. Gilded Thorium Cloak from Kara. Supposed to be wearing Soulcatcher Halo, which is plain - you can see it on the third set.

    Elegant chest, because the Cindercloth chest doesn't have the little arm sleeve thingies. Naxx 10 shoulders. Prophecy belt. Infernoweave boots from Shattrath JP vendor. Elegant circlet, because it's got some red in it. Cloak of the Betrayed from MGT. Earthmender's Bracelet of Shattering and Gloves of the High Magus for wrists / gloves.

    Elegant chest, legs and shoulders. Gnomish Casting Boots from Toshley's Station match the set art better than Elegant boots. This vcolour version of the set doesn't have matching gloves though, so I found the Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves from Ebon Blade to be a fitting match. Icy Cloak. The belt is from an extremely rare tailoring recipe, but there are plenty that could work. Soulcatcher Halo again. I completed this set most recently and am looking for shoulders that might match with it. T5 seems to work nicely.

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    I'm a priest.. I swear

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    So I'm going with this set but I don't know what staff I should go with, anyone here got sugestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fungj View Post
    So I'm going with this set but I don't know what staff I should go with, anyone here got sugestions?
    Maybe one of these

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    how do you like this priestly look

    by the way any advice for helm? or keep it nonvisible?:<

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    ^ Don't really think there's a helm that would look good with that outside of goggles.

    Here's mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcrack View Post
    ^ Don't really think there's a helm that would look good with that outside of goggles.

    Here's mine

    All i can think is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaige View Post
    All i can think is

    lol that was the plan, sandals and socks priest best priest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcrack View Post
    ^ Don't really think there's a helm that would look good with that outside of goggles.

    Here's mine
    Those are some of the nicest transmogs I've seen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    It took me about 5 months to get all the Priest Tier 3 pieces on a low pop server. I got all the the pieces for 10K except the chest. The bidding war got pretty bad, but I ended up winning because I had the mobile mailbox with me, lol. All in all, the whole set cost me around 80k.

    This is the shit I'm talking about D:

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    Nothing particularly original here however I'm posting for suggestions for a good roleplay companion pet + mount combo ^^
    Also, staff suggestions for my offspec? :/
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