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  • Ash Legion

    20 33.33%
  • Blood Legion

    25 41.67%
  • Iron Legion

    15 25.00%
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    Which Legion are you sworn to?

    Just curious to see which Legion our Charr players (mains or alts) will be sworn to fight for, willingly or regrettably.

    Posted the videos onto this (my first poll, don't hurt me!).

    Ash Legion intro (full):

    Blood Legion intro (full):

    Iron Legion intro (full):

    Me personally, I've picked Ash Legion as opposed to the Iron Legion for my Engineer.

    Who said the Charr can't have snipers?
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    My inevitable Charr will be Iron Legion.
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    BLOOD for the blood go... oh wait wrong universe..
    Blood Legion! Let the Ash legion strike from the shadows, Let the Iron legion build it's machines of war. I will not stop fighting until the only thing left standing on the field of me

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    The Burning Legion.


    Please post constructively and on topic, or not at all.
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    I do not like dishonorable attacks from the shadows, lies and misconduct, nor do I feel any draw towards war machines. I feel the honor of straight, fair combat where only the will to survive matters is the right path for me, and thus I choose Blood Legion.
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    I won't watch these videos, SPOILERS Waiting for the game to see that stuff.

    But voted Iron Legion, because it sounds the coolest.

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    Blood for obvious reasons

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    Ash Legion: Sneaky Assasins, not my style really.

    Blood Legion: Front Fighters and warriors of duty.

    Iron Legion: Machines and more machines.

    I choose Blood Legion, as I'm not for sneaky, and as a ranger, not a fan of machines either. So Blood Legion!
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    Ash fosho, although I voted blood on accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capers View Post
    As funny as that was, try to at least be a little serious in your post(s).

    Back on-topic:

    Good to see everyone voting!

    Well, the reason I voted for Ash Legion was because of the Silver Wolf Clan's little background story (I love making up lore :P). Now I must go into RP mode!

    The Silver Wolf Clan's history/description:

    "We are more like a rag-tag group of self-disciplined soldiers looking for comradery in these trying times. And we, like lone wolves, came together to create our own pack.

    We fight for each other, and our own personal cause(s). We bow to no one, and will die fighting with our teeth bared that reflect the gleam of a full moon.

    And thus we are the Silver Wolf Clan!"

    (Now for a fun bit I've taken from my writings I'm slowly working on about my characters.)

    Grimora snorted, huffing at Ghinzo. "I sneak around because I must. I sneak around because survival is key to making the dragons fall. If they cannot see us, then they cannot know their demise. We will strike swiftly, accurately. I will hold up as long as I can for this clan, and hopefully they for me. I cannot defeat the dragons alone, no. I must have the backing of my pack members. Our force, our will, shall help overcome these monsters. And perhaps our differences will fall away like scales from the dragon's bellies." She rolled the gunpowder packets together, sliding them into her satchel.
    "Damn you're stubborn." Ghinzo grinned, hefting his weight from one foot to the next. "But I guess that's why you're the alpha and we the wolves. Many may die along the way. Are you ready to take that type of burden?"
    "Only if I may die among them." Grimora stood up, picking up her rifle that had been leaning against her chair.
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    Iron Legion. >=) Because my Charr will be an engineer and it fits the best.

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    Iron legion. Why should I hit a person with brute force, when I can blow them up using a variety of explosives?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scutajar View Post
    Iron legion. Why should I hit a person with brute force, when I can blow them up using a variety of explosives?
    Because hitting is more fun!

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    Ultramarines. Roboute Guilliman is my spiritual liege.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swingthang View Post
    Ultramarines. Roboute Guilliman is my spiritual liege.
    Space Marines no longer have legions after the horus heresy!!

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    I don't like the Charr race really, but if I make one (which I most probably will), I'm gonna go with Ash Legion. Sneaky!

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    Waiting for the game to see these. I am trying to avoid to many spoilers. Still your charr will have nothing on my tiny asura. Fear the short!

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    As a Necromancer... feel obliged to go Ash.

    Possible alts though:
    Blood Legion Warrior
    Iron Legion Engineer

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    Blood legion mostly likely since I'm probably going to be a warrior, fits just right!

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    My Charr Thief will be of the Blood Legion... wrap your head around it lol.
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