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    Hooolllyyyy fuckk. THOR ODIN'S SON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bantokar View Post

    The icelandic viking fought a perfect fight, what a smackdown
    That was a fantastic TKO!

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    I don't think Jones wants to fight Gus again. He went to twitter saying that he should fight DC first. As much as I am a fan of Jones' fighting style he needs to stop trying to play matchmaker. Gus was his biggest challenge to date and arguably won that first fight (matter of opinion) and assuming Jones makes it past Glover (which he likely will) I don't expect him to beat Gus again. Will make for a great fight though.

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    Pretty stacked card tonight and it's lived up to it's billing, so far.

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    Kelvin vs Story was an amazing fight.
    I went from being excited in that Shields vs Lombard fight (first round) to hoping that he never sees a title shot....He laid on top of shields and hugged him for 4 minutes....fantastic way to win a fight (Spoiler because of result)

    E: Why I love fight-night wiki pages:
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    Holy shit what a good night of fights. These guys laid it all on the line.

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    Other than Condit blowing out his knee, it was a good night of fights....well, maybe sans Lombard/Shields. Still, the WW title fight delivered. WW division looking good post GSP.

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    Very solid night of fights.

    Condit blowing out his knee made me cringe. I hope he recovers quickly.
    The WW division is looking amazing right now. That Von Flue chock from OSP totally caught me by surprise.

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