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    Took my PRT...Time to get in shape. Bodybuilders, help me find a good plan?

    A little about myself before starting:

    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: About 175-180 pounds
    Calculated Body Fat Percentage: 21%
    Days / Wk I can invest: 4 or 5 due to busy schedule.
    Hrs / Day: 1-1.5.

    So, I am enlisted in the US Navy and have recently taken my PRT. I passed, although just barely. This is not how I want to be... barely passing my physical test. I want to get back into shape, but I never was really in-shape to begin with, my metabolism just slowed down and my habits got even more lazy.

    A lot of people instruct me to Bodybuilding.com and tell me to look for a program. I tried that but it seems overwhelming searching for a good one. A lot of terms I don't understand, etc. I was hoping some bodybuilders or fitness gurus could help me find a plan that will help me get in shape. When it says do 3 sets of 20 reps, I can understand what that means, however I have no idea how much weight I'm supposed to be doing, etc.

    1) Lose my belly (its not big, but enough I want to lose it)
    2) Gain Muscle, Strength, and Endurance!
    3) Look better!

    Equipment I have available to me is pretty much anything you can think of. I have over 4 gyms on my base, with nearly everything in it so I'm not really limited to programs by equipment.

    I dont really have much money for supplements, but I heard those just kinda boost youre results quicker and arnt really needed.

    So is anyone able to help me find a solid plan that is kind of a All-In-One sorta thing? Shows you what workouts I should do, Weekly breakdown with what I should be doing, maybe a meal plan? Etc. Just really looking for someone to help me get on the right track!
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    I would say try to eat semi right for starters. Cut down on sugars and carbs to some degree. More protein even if in things like milk. Another thing I would advise is don't start off with weights you can't comfortably use. Your body will be in a lot of pain the first month or so just due to the strain. Don't go overboard in terms of weight or how often/how much you are lifting cuz you will prob just injure yourself and need more down time. I'd honestly go with a 3 day a week program of some kind with maybe some cardio mixed in on the off days. If you are doing things like squats make sure you have your technique down and aren't using heavy weight to start. Squats even with just a 40lb bar can be very tough to start in reps.

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