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    Does it matter if you use the PvP staff or the one hander and offhand?

    FOr shadow and disc..

    Honestly, dont have a clue..

    Edit: I mean is there a difference between using the two.

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    Yes. 1 hander / off-hand provides slightly more intellect, but with that combination you are forced into crit over extra spirit which can be bad for disc.

    For shadow i'd say go 1h/ offhand for sure, for disc it's more of a decision.

    Ruthless Gladiator's Energy staff -- 689 stamina, 460 intellect, 306 spirit, 306 resilience

    Ruthless Gladiator's Gavel - 296 stamina, 197 intellect, 131 Crit, 131 resilience
    Ruthless Gladiator's Reprieve - 384 stamina, 256 intellect, 171 spirit, 171 resilience (+40 intellect)
    total -----------------------680 stamina, 493 intellect, 302 total rating, 302 resilience

    Staff gains 9 stamina over 1h / oh, but 1h / oh gains 33 intellect. Staff also has 4 resilience and 4 total rating for secondary stats over the combo.

    TL:DR go with 1h / oh unless your a healer that devalues Crit rating heavily. The intellect loss isn't worth it in most cases.

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