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    while the ops vid is good i still prefer the ep3 nostalgia trailer better. Sir Alec Guines ftw. The undisputed best actor to grace the Star Wars franchise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caernon View Post
    I think I've become immune to getting pumped up by anything that uses Orff's O Fortuna as the soundtrack. Ditto for Kronos Quartet's Lux Aeterna. The compositions themselves are fine, but so ridiculously overused, they instantly ruin any attempts at creating epic atmosphere. -.-
    agree, the movie need more Two steps from hell
    Monk, I need a monk!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyghtFox View Post
    Came across this epic video on youtube earlier today...even though it has no TOR footage, I think its a cool SW video and gets me excited to play TOR.

    Credit goes to CommanderCourage for posting (and maybe making idk) the video. Make sure your speakers are up....its kinda quite in the beginning.
    Honestly its more starwars, I hope the game does well but I find it exceptionally hard to get excited about space opera.

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    That's the only nice thing about SWTOR
    It has awesome movie about it

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    actually i take it back .. this is what i kind of hope the new version of EP VI will be re-cut to.

    not perfect but it really ties in the prequels to the originals.

    also this is the scene where for myself i truly do not think of sith as evil or jedi as good. but both as groups with their own agendas.

    "Luke you will find many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view." - Obiwan

    Truly this is how the world works. One sees the other as an evil force because of a way of thinking. those people don't see them selves as evil. In fact they see them selves either as missunderstood or as right and their oponents evil just because of a different value system or beleif.

    When i was young and first saw the orginal 3 in theaters i really din't pick up on this. i just saw it as a scene where luke and obi wan were argueing weather or not to kill his father or if he had to. now in my 40's (really i picked up on it in my 20's) do i really see what obi wan meant by this.
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    Really hate to break it to you but the star wars universe is riddled with more crap an mistakes than the world of Warcraft universe. When you actually at the details it is a really poor story.

    You No like Panda's Well I am gonna Hunt you down! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joenano View Post
    Really hate to break it to you but the star wars universe is riddled with more crap an mistakes than the world of Warcraft universe. When you actually at the details it is a really poor story.
    Thanks for the insight and for stopping by the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums!

    And remember the Panda bear forums are that way -->

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    i would like to thank the academy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoggtimus Prime View Post
    I can't watch on my phone, but I'm pretty sure I wont change my mind. Its just too boring for me and that's because I've never cared much for star wars. I don't want people to bash me because of my opinion, that would be immature on your part.
    But... why are you in the SW:TOR subforum if you don't like Star Wars in the first place?
    Not bashing, just curious.

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    We don't need to clutter the forum with spammy threads that aren't related to the game.


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