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    Haven't played in 9 months, is it worth coming back now?

    I am missing playing MMOs and i am sort of agonizing over getting WoD or going back to FFXIV.

    When I left FFXIV, Titan extreme was my current content that I had yet to down. Since then it seems like Leviathan, Ramuh and others have come out. I have not yet done turns 6 through 9.

    I am very intrigued by the new ninja class as it was my main in FF11.

    I left the game because I had a deadbeat guild and no IRL friends playing the game and it stunted my fun and progression. I suppose coming back and looking for a better guild could make for a fun playing experience again, I really enjoyed everything about the game. I played on Lamia server btw.

    I recently resubscribed to WoW and hated it right away, but that clearly could be secondary to changes at lvl 90 and lack of new content right before expansion and this could totally change tomorrow.

    So I ask, is now a good time to come back to ffxiv or am i better off waiting for the expansion in the spring?

    I cant get that ultima OST out of my head .

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    Uhh well it depends. Of course playing with friends and stuff is generally better, I personally am having fun and playing with a friend. If anything, play the Hildibrand quest line. Best quest line, ever.

    I haven't done the new turns either, I came back a month ago and haven't really tried Bahamut's coil. Might get back into it, depends a bit on my friend I guess.

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    Now is probably best time to come back due to the new patch.

    You can run dungeons and do Crystal Tower to get your character to ilvl110 within a week, T6 to T9 will become more and more puggable as the Echo buff kicks in. You will then be ready to go for T10+, while you probably won't get T9 done within a week or 2, you should definitely be able to get it down before 2.5 which then you still have a patch worth of time to do T10+

    I am sure they will buff Echo BEFORE the tier end this time, as there are no more tier after this, so SE probably want to give everyone a chance to see the end of Bahamut before the Expansion hit. I doubt SE will make Coil clear a requirement in order to do the new raid in Expansion, and not much point to come back to do it (and probably not many people will either) once the expansion hit, so SE probably want to have Coil closure for everyone just before the expansion hit (probably around 2.58 before the very end of the 2.5 patch).

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