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    What does FFXIV do better?

    If you had to pick 1 thing that FFXIV does better than any other MMO, what would it be?

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    Soundtrack. Kicks GW2, WoWs, ESOs, Wildstars and all the others ass to kingdom come.
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    I had to pick story, I feel it does a much better job telling one and making you a part of it than any other. But soundtrack is a very close second for me.

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    Picked story, but patch cycles is a tight race for it...
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    Picked sound. I feel that no other MMO really comes close at all to the aural mastery this game displays. The story while good, isn't inherently that much better than any others out there.

    Been avidly playing BNS lately, and while it too has a nice soundtrack, it's not nearly as good as FF14s. The story though, while not as good as FF14's is pretty close.

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    I picked story because it does that very well, but I wish I could have chosen more than one. Crafting and Soundtrack are also top notch (and I wish the crafting style was actually used among more games).

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    Does everything count as one thing? Seriously, if I were going to play an MMO again, it would be FFXIV, no contest at all. If I did have to pick just one thing from the list though, yeah, it would most definitely be the sound. The music is simply amazing. It's the only MMO I have played where I did not just turn the sound off and listen to music or TV while playing, because the music is just that good.

    A very very close three way tie for second would be how they keep old content relevant so new players have people to play with/class system with all things available on one character/patch cycles.

    The sound is just the one thing that absolutely blew me away though and puts it just a step above the rest.

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    Patch cycles, followed closely by sound, then I'd nominate crafting as a second honorable mention.

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