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    [?] Old Relic Quest Chain


    I am on the Animus -> Novas part of the relic weapon quest chain where you collect Alexandrite.

    Curious if anyone knows if the daily "Morbid Motivation" can only be completed with lvl 50 dungeons or can you do it in lvl 60 Expert roulettes?


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    Can't tell you myself, but when i was on that quest i didn't even bother with mobid motivation i just brought the maps from can be brought from Auriana in Revenant's Toll (really cheap now they have been nerfed in cost) and just spammed the maps. Was done in less than an hour. You get 5 alexandrite per map so it only takes 15 maps to get all 75 alexandrite needed and each map costs 75 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics so you just need 1125 Tomestone of Poetics total to do all of them.

    Prob take you longer to get the quest done than just spamming easy events for the tomestones, though i can't say for sure since i already had 2k tomestones saved up ready.

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