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    When is the FF serie gunna end up ?

    What do you think ? Til when it will go on ?

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    I ask myself this question every night before I fall asleep, and yet, still I seek an answer. The fates haven't answered me, but perhaps they'll answer you.
    Just calm down.
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    Until it no longer makes them money

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    Considering every title is different than the others in some way or another, I say not anytime soon. It's like Mario and Pokemon. It's one of the classic brands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasffion View Post
    Until it no longer makes them money

    There's no sign of things slowing down either. They remade FFX for the PS3 fairly recently and now they're remaking it for PS4 as well. FF14's success will likely play a large part in things to come too - I believe one of the characters is a crossover in one of the upcoming titles.

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    Who cares? The games are still enjoyable so why does it have to end?

    It will end when nobody enjoys the games until then who cares.

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    FF is the biggest flagship for Square, so until SE is busted, there will always be Final Fantasy.

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    Final Fantasy ∞ III + 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scufflegrit View Post
    Final Fantasy ∞ III + 2
    That was genuinely hilarious, +1

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