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    1 -> 2 -> 3 is just as lame and boring as 1 -> 1 -> 1. It only takes up more keybinds.
    I rather have fewer abilities that are more powerful and more punishing if I mess up that a gazillion which individually do almost nothing.
    Actually having different buttons to weave is more interseting than pushing the same button over and over ad infinitum to me. There's still some learning curve and chance for screwing up when you have to hit different buttons rather than just the same one.

    But I hate mashing a single button on a controller 9 million times while others think action RPGs are the most superior RPG design ever invented, so I'm in the minority I suppose.

    Regarding more keybinds, not the way I was talking about it isn't.
    The mudra method means 3 keybinds = 9 available combos with 3 hotkeys.
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    Maybe but I find the memorization really tiresome. Esp when there is a CD involved.
    Not really a fan of how the Ninja mudras are done.

    I definitely would not want that for core class abilities.

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    What Faroth is pitching is something they could absolutely go to in the future, in order to prevent button bloat. That would then invite the possible problem of having too many different combos of buttons to hit. It wouldn't be NIN Mudras per se where it's "hit a combination of these 3 buttons, then hit button 4 to actually do something", though. Basically, a middle ground between what we have in pve now and what we have with pvp. Wouldn't wanted it as pared down as pvp is, but they'll have to do something to prevent further button bloat else it's HW all over again.

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