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    What else will I get with Loremaster?

    Long time lurker. Thanks for a lot of good help in the past. Finally done with some major commitments with work and life, so I am going to work on Loremaster now.

    I have my everyquest and suggestions from you all on how to complete this achieve. However, I'm wondering what else should I expect to complete (achievement-wise) by the time I've completed Loremaster? Should I expect to be exalted with a few more factions? Any extra pets/mounts? Other achievements that I'll naturally get while progressing through Loremaster? Suggested order of zones based on what I've done so far?

    Kinda hard to sift through such a large overall achievement, so I figured this would be a good place to ask. Can't post armory link this early in my post count, but I'm the only "Jihme" in the US realms I believe. The character is Jihme on Lightbringer US, 85 Lock.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You'll get a couple extra pets, you probably won't hit exalted with many reps but maybe honored or revered, you'll work on explorer.

    Really you shouldn't "expect" anything.
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    thanks for the feedback. i guess i shouldn't have used the word "expect". i meant to ask, "what other achievements/mounts/pets would I likely get as a result of going through all the quests?" ie - seeker or ____ pet


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jihme View Post
    thanks for the feedback. i guess i shouldn't have used the word "expect". i meant to ask, "what other achievements/mounts/pets would I likely get as a result of going through all the quests?" ie - seeker or ____ pet

    Go to your armory -> Mount & pets -> Show Do not have -> Advanced filter (somewhere on the right) -> Select what sources you want to see (Rep / quest /achievements)
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    Lets see, I ended up with quite a few "extras" as a result of completing it.

    Various Exploration achievements (this isn't just exploring the zone, you might run into a rare elite or two, plus complete some other achievements (Xylem's challenges in azshara for example)
    The seeker (Kinda guaranteed, I can't remember how many quests in total with the revamp, but I hadn't completed loremaster with the old azeroth, and I'd got that achievement.)
    Some pets/mounts (Vash'jir mount, a couple of questline pets from various zones)
    Looting gold achievements (assuming you actually loot) - This also counts for earning gold from completing quests
    Various reputation gains - There's all of the wotlk quests which 90% of the time give reputation with someone, similar with the themed zones in outland, as well as the horde city reps you'll get from the azeroth quests. Not guaranteed to get you to exalted though, you might have to divert your efforts for that (Timbermaw comes to mind, that rep grind takes around 30mins now)

    That's about all I can think of. Get an addon such as overachiever, just so you can track what acheivements you are able to get in your current zone whilst questing. Does help quite a lot.

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    Seeker and exalted with all your horde/alliance factions.
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    I got to exalted with Argent Dawn while leveling my mage, I'm sure you'll pick up some reputations along the way. I'm in the process of doing LM myself, just finished Outlands/Northrend/Cata and starting the long haul that is EK and Kalimdor. Just got The Seeker (3000 Quests Completed) and haven't touched any revamped azeroth yet.
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    you can run in and get a lot of the low level dungeon achievements while you're in each zone. there is a "well read" achievement to interact with book objects that you can do along the way and some of the books are inside dungeons so you should make a gameplan for getting that one done.

    grab any tabards or food/drink you see along the way since there are achievements for those as well.

    if you make a macro, you should be able to get all the critters for the /love and pest killing achievements as you go along. you can also get a mod like npc_scan and work on the achievements to kill all the outland and NR rares when you get there.

    that's all i can come up with off the top of my head.

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