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    Healing dilemma, should I heal bad players who pull mobs before the tank?

    So I'm a new priest purely healing and I'm loving it. I never like seeing people die while on my watch.

    However while running pugs, I'm coming across players who frankly give me a hard time. Hunters who pull bosses for example, and not by accident either. Or DPS who run ahead of the tank and engage mobs.

    Should I let players who do this die to teach them this isn't good for them and show them some 'tough love' or should I do my best to heal them as that is my job?

    I'm torn. On the one hand I'm there to heal, and heal I will.. and I never like to see people die. But on the other hand, my tank friend explained that if the idiots keep getting healed, they'll keep pulling expecting heals. One druid who pulled a trash group even had the cheek to say 'ill just heal myself then' and I politely explained to them if they didn't act like a tank they wouldn't need to heal themselves.

    So do you turn a blind eye to such 'idiots' ? Or do you try to advise them? I politely ask that they let the tank pull the mobs but I'm not sure they get the message. Perhaps a few graveyard runs would help?

    Just want to make a notice here to make remind you guys to not call each other names or question other people's ability to function in real life. Just because you don't agree with what someone says doesn't give you the right to call them names. Play nice and discuss. This thread is in danger of closure if it can't stay civil. -Arlee
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    You could heal them, but remember the priority is on the real tank, yourself, and the dps who are actually doing their job. Don't go out of your way to accommodate them if the rest of the group will suffer for it.

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    You'll get over the never wanting people to die on your watch thing. Trust me. I was terrified of letting anybody die when I first started healing pugs. Then I learned there's just no saving some stupid people and repeated death is the only way they will learn. Think of it as tough love.

    And yes, the tank and yourself are always top priority.
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    You really gotta judge by circumstance. If someone accidentally pulls the boss, whatever I'll do my best to heal them. Sometimes I get people who pull instead of the tank, but the tank just rolls with it and peels them. I'll heal.

    If we get a dps who pulls and the tank is moving slowly, I'll probably just let the dps die and stay out of combat. If it puts me in combat, damn right im gonna try to keep the group up, but the dude being an ass becomes my last priority.
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    let them die. then explain they shouldn't pull.... the tank will laugh.. the dps will nerd rage, and the run will go smoothly

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    Thanks folks. Pretty much confirmed what my friend was saying.. tough love and never make them my priority. I've no issue with healing an accidental pull but sometimes you just know the player is being reckless.

    The replies have helped.

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    I always do my best to keep everyone alive, regardless of circumstance, as that is my job. But then you also have to remember that yourself the tank, plus other DPS that aren't being stupid should come first. If everyone else is okay and you can easily keep the fail DPS alive I don't see any reason to just let them die.

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    This usually happens because the tank is bad or slow, or a combination of both. Heal the dps, unless they are actually bad. If your gear is better than entry lvl 85 greens, you can keep a plate dps up if they actually know how to play. No reason to slow down the grp just because you feel like the tank "needs" to tank
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    I have a formula that works! DPS people + acting like tanks + pulling mobs + no heals + fail = Dead DPS person = JUSTICE
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    I usually just heal them because I don't want to slow down the run. If they keep doing it, I yell at them or give them some tips on what to do depending on my mood. I might even just kick them if it really messes up the group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosonia View Post
    let them die. then explain they shouldn't pull.... the tank will laugh.. the dps will nerd rage, and the run will go smoothly
    :O! Stole my ava!

    OT: Let them die. It's one of the perks of being a healer.
    I take full advantage of letting idiots die. For example, I queued up for a random horseman the other day and this dps deathknight queued up for tank. Tanked in frost spec, dps gear, with blood pres on. Guess who doesn't get any heals? Ha you guessed it, that guy. I let him die and he said "uhmm healr wtf?" I simply responded with "If I wanted to heal a DPS I'd of let the 'tank' die, so I did." Not only did he have to pay for the repairs but he had to run back too since the group was full of pure dps classes with no revives.

    Healing > All

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashMetalFtw View Post
    This usually happens because the tank is bad or slow, or a combination of both.
    I should clarify.. I don't mean situations where the tank may lose agro and the DPS take hits.. that is fine by me and I'll heal situation that any time. I mean situations like the group dealing with a trash pull while a hunter decides to go into the next room and pull the boss (just happened). In that situation, I will now let them die.

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    Healing prios in Pug 5 mans. For me ofc is

    Tank > Myself > Dps.

    If they pull. They die. Simple >

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    I heal them the first time and tell them not to pull.
    Second time i let them die then rez and tell them not to pull.
    Third time they die and stay dead as far as i care.
    If they run back in and keep on either a vote to kick is done or i dont heal them at all even if they are just taking aoe damage after tank get aggro

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    If dps are being stupid and you normally get alot of them in pugs who pull when tank isn't ready or gain aggro etc, i do heal them if it's a accident, but I've had so many idiots like that who do it just to get through the random dungeon which causes wipes, so i let them die, and every time they do it, i let them die until they learn not to do it hehe eventually they will behave if they keep dying. Tank and yourself is main prio

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    I'm hard-wired to do anything to keep everyone alive. Some of the most fun I've ever had is running with the worst groups. It stretches my capabilities, hones my reaction time, and sharpens my decision making.

    Also, since the lovely state of affairs since RDF, I have no real desire to have any serious investment in helping other players, as I will more than likely never see them again and in most cases when I use to try, it either was hit with a wall of silence or attitude.

    So, yes, I heal the bads and make it into a game for myself. If I feel like I may empty my mana pool before the boss dies trying to do so, I'll "prioritize" my healing for the best shot at encounter success. If that includes less healing to the mana sink and results in their death, so be it.

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    Sorry, 5mans is not cutting edge content and having a DPS run ahead an pull something doesn't mean you can't heal them. If the tank is doing their job they can taunt the thing that's been pulled quickly and generally speaking having somone push the pace is good for your group because it gives you more time to do something else in game than waiting for a slow tank.

    I do this quite a bit on my spriest and despite the shock and horror others feel when I pull a mob and then tank it, I always seem to end up alive. People are far too high strung in this game. I also tank on my pally and couldn't care less if dps pull mobs, mind you I usually push the pace when tanking so it takes a pretty on ball dps to pull quicker than me anyways.

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    When I'm healing, if someone keeps pulling, I heal them.

    If I'm TANKING on the other hand, I already pull pretty fast. If some Hunter feels like I'm not pulling fast enough and needs to pull for me, I won't taunt. I let them tank it 'till they feign death, then I pick it up. Throughout the encounter (and the rest of the instance) I'll repeatedly try to get them killed. I'll drag cleaving bosses to them, or I'll forget to taunt adds that spawn that happen to aggro the Hunter. If it's a class that can't drop aggro, well, usually they die.

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    if the grp is comprised of skilled enough players who don't mind the pulls and you always have enough mana, i suggest you go ahead and heal them. it's gd to keep up a quick pace and also train your healing skills while in a dungeon

    on the other hand, if the pulls are causing more death than required, it might be btr to show the person some tough love.

    but the choice is rly up to you. even if the pulls don't cause death, if you have warned the guy that you disliked wht he did, you have the right to heal or nt heal him since he is a dps and not the tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airelove View Post
    You'll get over the never wanting people to die on your watch thing. Trust me. I was terrified of letting anybody die when I first started healing pugs. Then I learned there's just no saving some stupid people and repeated death is the only way they will learn. Think of it as tough love.

    And yes, the tank and yourself are always top priority.
    yup. I've been healing 5 mans for so long now I just don't care anymore. (if people do stupid stuff like this, that is)

    edit: also, if you heal them before a tank can get to them, you will sometimes get threat and get killed as a result of the stupid dps. And if you die there is usually no saving the group at that point.
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