View Poll Results: Willl you be playing Empire or Republic?

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  • Empire

    54 55.67%
  • Republic

    43 44.33%
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    POLL: Republic/Empire

    The poll states it all, I find that MMO-champ is a fairly unbiased source as it encompasses all people from different walks, and therefore hopefully with this poll we can find which of the two factions is likely to be the most played when SWTOR is released.

    Thank you and Good day!

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    there is already a good thread going about this you can find it here

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    The swotor website has a very large poll going aswell. I would link but I am having trouble connecting to their site atm.
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    bwahah I broke the balance! 51% now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adeodatus View Post
    The swotor website has a very large poll going aswell. I would link but I am having trouble connecting to their site atm.
    Here it is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shonough View Post
    NICE its gotta good balance with a lean towards empire but hey that more sith and imps for me to kill

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    This is the first poll where I've seen republic winning, then again the sample size isn't very big.

    I don't get all caught up in the force lightning awe and Jawa gushing a lot of people seem to do.
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    Hey, I'm all for Jawa Gushing. If I could force push a bounty hunter off a cliff and recruit the jawa for my side, I would.

    I voted Republic, but I'm sure I'll have an Empire or two if I play long enough.

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    Wow, first poll i've seen ever where Republic outnumbers Empire.... good stuff!

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    I've gotta play the underdog. The only non-underdog I cheer for is my baseball team, the Yanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supajayare View Post
    Wow, first poll i've seen ever where Republic outnumbers Empire.... good stuff!
    Yes, but most likely only because so few have voted.

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    I want to see the dark side first but I'll probably try Republic too. I love how Bioware develop their stories, so I can't see any reason to don't try both

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    I think it will be pretty equal spread between Empire and Republic considering most of the polls are pretty equal.

    Say about 45% Republic and 55% for Empire.
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    EMPIRE!! ftw

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