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    Dark Moon balloon... Drifblim anyone? For the new Pokem... Companion battle system? No?

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    Wow nice, looks pretty cool, lots of achievements too.

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    nice content

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    Insane title coming sooner than expected.

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    Damn.... and I who saved my Dungeon Set 1 (Valor for warrior) and thought that I would be unique having it as tanking set.... looks like I might as well delete it.........

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    I like the disclaimer they put on the basilisk they have on display.

    And did I spot a Dumbo reference too?

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    It's cool non-TCG people will have access to a non-bespectacled bear, but what's with the floating insignia? Seems pretty ominous looking, and a little out of place.

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    Are you people forgetting that T3 models are the same as T7? And that you can already get them pretty easily?

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    Wow! That's a lot of sandbox stuff to do! THATS more what I'm talking about! ^_^...and it literally DOES have a sandbox too... for the kids and gnomes to play in! ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drarion View Post
    i hope they wont add so dailys give darkmoon rep, cause i just got my insane achievment and that would nerf it so badly.
    Looking at the video - the dailys ARE, in fact, giving darkmoon rep!

    Although I'm not sure what the rep status of that person was at DMF to begin with in the video.

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    One word. TIIIGHT!

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    Finally another arena! Im gonna get Master Pit Fighter trinket right away.

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    aw, so it seems that the spectral gryphon and wyvern wont be from DMF, i guess it will be the Alliance and Horde version of the 125 mount achiv. Sadly!

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    The new "Whack-a-gnoll" mini-game seems to be missing from test realms for the moment.
    (Daily) It's Hammer Time ... Score 30 points by whacking Gnolls.
    wait, what?

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    Skrew fighting Deathwing, I got a sandbox tiger.

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    Looks nice etc. but why theres so much sanctuary areas? I mean whole path to camp thing. I thought it would be enough if only the camp area would be sanctuariy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Nikotin View Post
    wait, what?
    The achievement is already in place, but the game is not implemented yet.

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    Wow, do like the music, the somehow childish and scary/creepy expression this has.

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    oh god, i dont need to farm DMF good news everyone

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    This is disappointing because I farmed these sets before cata and I wanted to have something that made me unique, but this makes that work for nothing.

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    Healers are going to rock in that whack-a-gnoll :P

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