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    Lightbulb [SP] Gear issues?


    I've been getting a bit of new gear in the last 2 weeks, and it just doesn't feel right anymore. Something's off but I can't tell what. Can anyone enlighten me with advices or something?

    Original - link

    edit: except mastery on gloves and hit-cap.

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    can you provide us with a combat parse?

    at a glance your gear looks fine.

    13/13M Jubei'thos - Oceanic 8th - US 53rd

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    just going off h baleroc,
    your dot uptimes aren't really where they should be considering its a pretty easy fight with minimal movement, not really sure how dp has a higher up time compared to swp

    you dont seem to be using mb on cd, im assuming its due to movement but just in case you should get something like fx to track the cooldown on it

    sorry not too much insight but thats all i can think of.

    13/13M Jubei'thos - Oceanic 8th - US 53rd

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    Yeah all the heroic kills were the first we've gotten, this week. And I did move a fair bit and had shit luck on links, but that's about it. Could've done better.

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    your raid isnt too buff friendly for you, so you look like you're pretty much where you would want to be.

    also couldve been my imagination but i felt something was off when i got the heroic wand off domo, switched back to the vp wand and it seemed to work out better for me

    13/13M Jubei'thos - Oceanic 8th - US 53rd

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