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    Basic fan issue

    hey there,

    i have a samsung r580 laptop that i bought back in 2009.

    About a month ago my laptop fan has been making too much noise, not the sort of noise youd hear from overheating, but this kind of noise as something would be hitting the fan paddles.
    this happens when temperatures are high. when wow is being run temps can hit 80, smth i find normal for a 4 year old lp.

    thing is the lp has been cleaned about 2 weeks ago and that didnt solve the issue. the store where this was done said that id need to replace th fan.

    i tried a different store who didnt see anything phisically wrong with the fan. only thing they saw was that it had too much thermal paste?
    i then brought the lp home and the noise persists. i returned to the store and now they tell me it might. be a bios related issue.

    So anyone has any tips? from i could quickly gather online, if its bios, i suppose i can do it myself since i feel theyll (over)charge me again, which i find odd since the issue wasnt solved

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    So the noise you hear doesn't sound like the fan is kicking up speed, but more of a fan rattling or hitting something?

    To me the situation looks like it could be the ball bearing in the fan, it could just need a little bit of lubricant but it definitely sounds like something is physically wrong with the fan, the bios doesn't cause the fan to make noise.

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