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    26 5.49%
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    22 4.64%
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    Will you get Diablo 3 when it's released?

    As the title says.
    Will you get Diablo 3 in the release day (for examply by a pre-order or World of Warcraft Annual Pass), or you will buy it later?

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    And you didn't do a poll becaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause?...

    Also, yes, through the annual pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapaya View Post
    And you didn't do a poll becaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause?...

    Also, yes, through the annual pass.
    I did Had to wait a second, tho.

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    Yes i will probably get one from Annual pass and also gonna buy Collectors Edition.

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    I'm going to get it via the annual pass.

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    Not a fan of dungeon crawlers.

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    Definitely, next to Skyrim it's the game that I've looking forward to the most, ever.

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    Collectors edition baby!

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    Oh yeah, I'm definitely getting Diablo 3 as soon as it's out. Here's hoping for midnight release!

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    Yep I get it for free. Thanks Blizzard.

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    Might eventually pick it up, but in no particular rush.

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    Annual pass, so yes ^^

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    I love how the "Yes" section completely rapes the others )

    Also: Yes, I will buy it

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    I had it pre-ordered like 3 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YersiniaPestis View Post
    I had it pre-ordered like 3 years ago.

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    Having become increasingly convinced D3 is being designed by a mob of poorly trained monkeys flinging poo at a pie chart of focus group statistics, no, I won't be getting it. Waiting on Torchlight 2 here.

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    For free with annual pass

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    I may or may not get it whilst wearing an eyepatch and screaming yaaaaaar. If it's even possible, but only because I'm pissed off that I'm not eligible for annual pass.

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