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    I want to read about the TOR era... which books do I get?

    Which books should I start out with if I want to read about the TOR era?

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    Have you watched the timeline vids?

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    Fatal Alliance, Deceived, and Reven releases on the 15th of this month. Deceived is a must read imo. It gives a lot of backstory on Malgus. Those all tie in with the TOR games.

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    For books, go with Fatal Alliance, Deceived and Revan as they really help set up the game. If you haven't already, I'd also go play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

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    Does it matter which order I read them in?

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    Try this and see if that doesn't help you out. I actually need to get to reading if I'm gonna manage to pack that list in by launch.

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