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    Groin Pain

    Been playing soccer again for the past few months and after I started feeling more comfortable with the ball I started sprinting and shooting more often.

    The issue is my left groin is all sorts of fucked up when I go out and play now but calms down after I'm done. I think it might be something to do with my pelvis but my question is does anyone else get this?
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    im no doctor:

    could also be related to the pelvis or even possibly a hernia.
    the obvious fix is to play a real sport just kidding

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    Sounds like a groin strain. I had one for the last 2 months of the football season and played through it. It made it really bad and I had to take about 3-4 months off until it was fully healed. If I had rested I would've been out for about a month...

    I would consult your doctor for advice as there are varying degrees of groin strains. If you can't get to a doctor then I would advise no training for 1 week, light training for 2-3 weeks with no sprinting/shooting as this will only make it worse.

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    Your penis needs to come off. Sorry

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    Do you have an asymmetrical body? Were we to cut you in half, and fold you over on yourself, do you think that the left side of your body may be slightly 'larger' than your right? If so, then your left leg, and body; you may find that your left arm is stronger than your right, does more work to compensate for the 'weak' leg, your right. The left leg is doing the lion's share and so suffers.

    If this doesn't apply to you then please disregard all of it.

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    IF it is a serious issue that is causing you problems, see a doctor, we can't help you with it!
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    Groin strains are very tricky.. when you think they are gone.. they'll come back out of no where. I would suggest stretching your groin before, after, and even during your games. Rest is always good too!

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    I'm no Doc, but given that you say it only bothers your during the activity it could be a pinched nerve. As muscles swell up during activity and that would be extra pressure (pain) on it, which would subside once the activity stops and the localized swelling reduces. If it were just a strain you'd feel it even after you stopped playing. It wouldn't "calm down", it would in fact do the opposite and tighten up afterwards. Take it easy for a week and do only some light stretching and walking. Go very easy your first time back and see if you feel anything, if no, push it harder the next time, if yes, go see a doctor.
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