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    MMO-C Halloween Forum Game

    Hey Guys and Ghouls, thought we could do something fun and involved to be in the spirit. Format is simple:

    1) Favorite Halloween Movie/show/cartoon

    2) Favorite Halloween or spooky song

    3) Favorite Candy

    4) Favorite costume from childhood (or adult)

    See my answers for a model:

    1) The Monster Squad

    2) Purple People Eater

    3) Sour Patch Kids

    4) Pirate outfit complete with real beard, boots, and a wicked hip sheathed knife when I was in college.

    Responses can be as cliche or descriptive as you like. Have fun with it. (sorry for the weird line breaks, having some browser issues)

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    1) Scooby Doo, Pumpkinhead, The X-Files

    2) Hmm... No clue.

    3) Twix

    4) Never did the costumes. Lived in the middle of nowhere as a child, so never got to trick or treat or dress in costume.
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    1) The Nightmare Before Christmas (50% Halloween, 50% Christmas)

    2) This is Halloween

    3) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    4) Alien

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