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    Darkmoon Faire super duper prize giveaway

    Its 1 am and im bored, so i got to being all excited about 4.3 and a crazy idea pooped into my head ( i mean popped)

    ok imagine this

    4.3 is out (yay) its sunday, Darkmoon island is welcoming guests and festival goers ( double yay \o/)

    everyone is having a great tiime, games are a plenty, people walking around with new pets, new funky gear that has been worn on this land for thousands of years ( prob patch 2.0)

    goodies been won (not the band) by all patrons, but then all of a sudden one lucky person rummages his sack ( dont giggle) and pulls out a special prize!
    what is this prize you ask?

    well my children the prize is ( If blizz was to say who cares about fairness)

    a pass to dark moon island when the darkmoon faire is not open on the public for the few weeks a month

    you hand your ONE day pass to a DM rep SW or Orrig and you take the special murloc taxi to DM island

    you get there and you meet an orc who also won a pass and you embrace eachother with joy

    you play games that are only available to the people with the one day pass, there is a 80s disco in the goblin tent, go on a date with a random boss game

    then at the end of a joyfull magical day you wave goodbye to your new friend and head home with the satisfaction that you won the ONE day ticket & your guild members & 98% of your realm didnt

    The End

    ok dont start saying 'thats never gona happen, blizz dont do unfairness anymore'

    well obviously they wont, Just imagine it if they did do this, or something on the same lines

    would it be cool? i think so

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    Really great idea

    Would be amazing to win that prize.

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    Everytime I see a thread with Darkmoon faire in it, I keep thinking it's something about my realm Even though I know no one would be making topics about my little backwater RP realm

    As for your idea, I like it maybe not just one person, maybe make it like you win a ticket and could take your guild along too, or you could choose x amount of friends to go.

    However I would forsee alot of bickering about it, welp it goes with the territory these days.

    But great idea I do like it

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    Dude, you have GOT to hook me up with whatever you've got.

    OT: It's a cute idea. I can't see it happening, though, unfortunately. Blizzard does like tossing in little random extras from time to time, but this seems like an unlikely dream. It brings up an interesting question, though. It made sense for the Faire to take 3 weeks to travel to their next location, but what are they going to be doing with their 3 weeks now? Is it going to take them that long to clean up the place and repair all those whacked gnolls? O_o
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    That was for some reason a fun read.

    Also damn you!, now I really want a murlock taxi ingame!

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    so far people like my idea \o/

    was expecting an onslaught of nay sayers

    Ty guys

    the ticket could be tweaked indeed for a guild etc, or the ticket could be obtained ina certain way of fairness
    Never trust a computer you cant throw out of a window

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