View Poll Results: Would you commit infidelity?

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  • Yes, but I wouldn't tell my significant other.

    83 18.95%
  • Yes, but I would tell my significant other afterwards.

    19 4.34%
  • No, I would never do that.

    336 76.71%

Thread: Fidelity.

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    I watched my parents deal with a matter of infidelity when I was a child. They're still married 15 years later, but the tension over the incident remains strong. After seeing what they went through in the first few years afterwards, I could never bring myself to do that to someone else (provided I'd be in my right mind--alcohol is a hell of a drug).

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    If you find someone that you want to cheat with, then simply break up with your current significant other first.

    If you are not willing to break up with your significant other then obviously the person you are interested in is not worth cheating with...

    If you have an open relationship things are a bit different as it may not be considered cheating in the first place

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