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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishyface View Post
    Most the responses that ive gotten in last page or so have been just questioning and assuming my experience in mmos. I suggest you stop focusing on what ive done as none of you got anything correct. Most of you just assume im some sort of wow only playing person (if you knew me you would know that is far from the truth). So i dont like swtor for the reasons i listed, it seems like ive committed a crime and must be hanged or banned according to some of the responses ive gotten.

    As i stated in my original post its my opinion.
    This is very true. Chill the fuck out, people.

    I don't agree with him either. Like I posted earlier, the things he doesn't like are things I think are great. But I certainly didn't attack him for it, and neither should you.

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    Too many cutscene in a story-driven MMO .... it's like saying there is too many cars in Gran Turismo.

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