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    some time talk to myself as i play a game as if i'm recording it... alone in the house or not o_O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferg View Post
    sometimes when im alone i like to cover myself in vaseline and pretend im a slug
    This was /thread rofl! I have a fetish for slugs. Let's chill brah? BAHAHAHAH!!!!

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    My common sense tells me NOT to post what I had in mind
    "I can change my form into anything. What do you like?"

    "Big hooters... with silver dollar nipples?"

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    When I'm alone, I like to put on only my bath robe and sit on a rocking pony pretending to be on a speeder on the planet Tatooine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yalingo View Post
    I simply cannot wear a shirt when taking a dump.
    OMG this !!! me too, i simply cant wear a shirt while doing this!
    i srsly thought i was the only one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowsticks View Post
    Sometimes, when I'm really tired and I have a headache, I dress up like Michael Jackson, pop some pills and go lie on the bed...
    haha ! omg, I'm sorry so cruel but so funny!

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    I like to incorporate song lyrics into every day conversation and emails with my clients at work to see if notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferg View Post
    sometimes when im alone i like to cover myself in vaseline and pretend im a slug
    LOL ... chars
    I play: DK, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Warrior.

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    Talk as if I'm speaking to an audience while playing a game for the first time, like it's a blind Let's Play. If I'm not really feeling it I'll go through different accents - I'm currently working on Grizwald.

    Quote Originally Posted by 3DTyrant View Post
    some time talk to myself as i play a game as if i'm recording it... alone in the house or not o_O

    Lock the bathroom door every time if someone else is in the house - even if I'm just going in to look in the mirror or wash my hands. Also, wearing a jacket, coat, hoodie, etc while doing anything in the bathroom seems incredibly wrong to me.

    Surprised no-one's said they tuck their tail between their legs and pretend they're a girl.

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    I dance to music in my room quite often. So much fun. I sometimes talk to myself/laugh at my own jokes that I think in my head.

    In fact, I have so many that my life is quite sad. S'awright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferg View Post
    sometimes when im alone i like to cover myself in vaseline and pretend im a slug
    hahahahahaha! New idea!

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    sometimes when I'm alone I watch chick flicks. I also laugh at my own jokes inside my head.

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    I think of elaborate gags and appropriate times to use them.
    I like having an ace up my sleeve every now and then.

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    As I read this I slowly learn more and more things I actually do as well >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    sing openly in the shower. I sound so awful, but I do it anyway
    hehe same here but only when no one else is home.

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    I don`t do nothing about what nobody els don`t know about me, but so meny people around me don`t know, that I LOVE western movies.

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    i cant tell you... if i did i would be a liar cause you would know it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potatowizard View Post

    oh and I talk to myself constantly. Not in a creepy way, just thinking out loud.
    I do this all the time o0
    I think it's kinda creepy sometimes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aethilus View Post
    I plan my conversations ahead of time.
    Same....Or how i would like things to happen in my life :/
    Quote Originally Posted by Makamoka View Post
    You not gamer, you go play your boring "Real life" with crappy graphics'n stuff! You cant even do Quests, dungeons and BGs in "IRL" :s
    "The ship of failure floats on a sea of excuses."

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    sorry i cant quote people but

    the one about covering himself in vaseline and pretending to be a slug is the best thing i have read in ages.
    also i do the shower curtain thing to :\ no idea why its just habit, not scared of something being behind it, but if i walk into the bathroom and its closed i will open it.
    and i also cannot hang my arm off the bed, never have been able to since i was a child and i was scared something under my bed would grab my arm
    How to look like a twat 101:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gum View Post
    different culture different rules. Dont be gay in russia? Seems simple enough
    Quote Originally Posted by Elba View Post
    Taking things that have sacred meaning from cultures that are not your own for profit / ridicule / cheap costume is racist.

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    Can't believe people haven't seen the "Cover myself in vaseline and pretend I'm a slug" reply before.

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