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    First time building a PC - No idea what parts to buy

    Hey everyone,

    Note: I'm incredibly non-computer savvy. May embarrass myself by providing wrong information or just saying something stupid.
    While playing with half second lag and low-mid 20 fps has been enjoyable, I've decided that with SWTOR around the corner it's time to buy a new PC. I'm going to have a friend build it for me so I'm looking for advice on what parts to buy for it. I'm gonna use the format from the sticky at the top.
    This computer will be solely for gaming and nothing else so I'm hoping to keep a constant 50-60 fps.

    Budget: $1100(less would of course be great). That includes buying windows 7, the case and possibly anything else I may need to buy to make it work(would be nice if someone could add those ).
    Resolution: 1280 x 1040
    Games / Settings Desired: SWTOR on at least mid-high settings. I plan on downloading WoW to it and other RPGs or whatever may spark my interest(rarely happens) but the settings for those isn't much concern.
    Country: America

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