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    Kitty awwhhh

    This melted about 60% of the cynicism from my heart.

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    No, honest, it's just dust in my eyes.

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    so much daaaaw... poor kitteh being blind...
    i have these orbs looking back at me by my kitteh

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    too... much... cuteness

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    Such a heartwarming video! I've always had a soft spot for cats, and I love mine. I'm still trying to persuade my mum to let me adopt another.

    On a side note, does anyone else find it pretty sad that a thread like this gets only a few responses whilst a certain thousand page thread involving fictional ponies is fawned over by countless posters? Ngh.
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    Between getting christmas decorations down from the attic today and finding some dying bats up there, and my boss telling me i didnt work and thentrying to write me up for it... this has totally made my day!

    so much D'aawwwwwwwwwwww

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    Very beautiful and inspiring.

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    Ahhh >< that too sweet! *sniffle* I mean... *cough*
    Lucky cat to have such good owners

    Moonkin ftw | My YouTube Channel

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    poor cat being unable to see

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    Made me smile after a crappy day, thx!

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    Your forum rank suites u well for this post.
    You enlightened me today.

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    Aww, come here kitteh, I need to snuggle with that cuteness! Gotta love cats, so god damn adorable! ^^

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    Too cute! So glad poor kitty found some loving owners.

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    My GOD! I am melting from cuteness!

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    That was to cute for my eyes

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    > Hope in humanity increased by 1%

    Poor kitty. I'm happy it found a caring family. My heroes of the storm recruitment link. Looking for MOBA enthusiasts to play with. I also want a cool bike tbh.

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    Oskar the Blind Kitten is just awesome.

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    poor kitten i want to hug and kiss and cuddle him

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    Quote Originally Posted by pateuvasiliu View Post
    > Hope in humanity increased by 1%

    Poor kitty. I'm happy it found a caring family.
    Yeah, this is one of those rare topics that doesnt make me hate humanity more :/

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