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    Talking Upgrading GPU for SWTOR

    Hey All,

    I've been looking around for a long time now and doing research on what is the best upgrade from my 9600GT for SWOTOR, when it's released. I've played the Beta and I can see that my GFX card is bottlenecking my AMD FX 6100 x6 quite badly resulting I get quite stuttered pay and not it's not very enjoyable. I was thinking about getting the Asus ATI Radeon HD 6870 in replace of my 9600GT.

    My PSU works fine, just bought a new one today so there is no issue there. I use a M5A78L-M LX motherboard and am 85% that the chipset will work with the 6870 should I chose to ugprade to it. I've read that the card is physically very large, which isn't a problem either seeing as I've just recently invested in a massive cooler master tower. Sorry I can't link to the hardware because I've not got enough post count yet.

    Thanks for your time, I will try to check this thread as much as possible!

    TL;DR - Want to get some advice on if 6870 is a decent upgrade from my 9600GT for smooth game play on SWOTOR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camyo View Post
    TL;DR - Want to get some abice on if 6870 is a decent upgrade from my 9600GT for smooth game play on SWOTOR.
    Raw 3D drawing power in R6870 is about double that of your current 9600GT, so yes, it's pretty big upgrade.

    In WoW bad framerate would come from both graphics card and CPU in your case, dunno about SWToR.
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    Yeah, I've seen the power draw is going to be alot more but my PSU can handle it, and I've seen that WoW is very CPU dependant in terms of decent FPS. My Duo core was able to run WoW great at around 60 FPS and 20 FPS during 25man raid fights. Thanks for your reply!

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