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  • Black

    14 14.58%
  • Brown

    22 22.92%
  • Blond

    18 18.75%
  • Red

    35 36.46%
  • White

    1 1.04%
  • Gray

    1 1.04%
  • Colour that hasn't been posted

    5 5.21%
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    Your favourite hair colour!

    So I was inspired by the other thread and a disagreement with someone over the superiority of red hair on a woman!

    That aside it's quite simple!

    What hair colour floats 'yer boat?

    Poll inc.

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    Red and Purple are fun colours

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    Red, purple, green and blue. Basically standard Japanese hair colours xD

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    Any natural hair color really, but if I had to choose probably blonde.

    Not a fan of fake hair color really, but I don't have anything against people who dye their hair.
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    Red > Black > Brown > Blonde

    As a general rule of thumb, but everyone's hair is different, both in style and colour.

    Fake colours are on a case by case basis even more so and can intersperse the list anywhere.

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    I like all colors. If I had to pick, I guess I'd say raven black.

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    brown > black > red > blonde > rest

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    Personally, I think that red and dark (!) blonde hair hands down looks the best.
    Black is the worst. I really, really do not like black hair.

    Some (bright) fake colours look ok too, but it usually is hit or miss there.
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    Natural Redheads for women.

    Brunettes for men.

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    Natural redheads for sure, though they're not that common, so blonde would be close behind.
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    I don't discriminate, except for fake hair color or all that pink, blue, purple shizzle.

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    I like darker colors on men. For women I've always liked those 'violin' red dyes.

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    The colour I like the most in a woman is black, pitch black with no tint of brown in sight.
    In the case of men, well, I guess it'd be brown.
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    Brunette, all the way.
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    Brunette with cute glasses

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    Strawberry blonde.

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    Straight male here, and I've always had a thing for redheads. Preferably natural, but fake is ok as long as it's done right. I also kinda like the "blonde with red streaks" thing or other color streakings I've seen some women do.

    Not to say that's all I care about though. Just assuming they're equal in all other areas, I'd find a redhead most attractive if you put her next to a blonde and brunette. My first gf was a redhead, so maybe that had something to do with it. /shrug
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    Redheads are so 2012 to be honest. It's time to move on. So happy i'm not a teenager now and have to live through this blue, pink and green "trend", god damn that's awful. Brunettes are my favorite.
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    Rainbow obviously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vk8 View Post
    So happy i'm not a teenager now and have to live through this blue, pink and green "trend", god damn that's awful.
    I think that pink/fuchsia/purple hair can look pretty awesome if done right. Like I said, though, it definitely is a bit 'hit or miss' there.

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