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    Urine-controlled video games!


    Nintendo might be suing
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    .......im speechless
    Tell them that the Lich King is dead...and the World of Warcraft...died with him.

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    Suprised Japan hasen't come up with this, but what do I know right?^^

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    How.... creative, I guess?

    That is seriously just bizarre though.

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    'Nintendo Wee' lolololol

    Pretty funny stuff.

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    one thing is for sure...
    urine for a good time!


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    On road trips my mother used to bring a large thermos filled with tea, and my father would be drinking it the whole time. When we stopped for a restroom break, no one could pee as long as my father could. Not even close. We even tried to make a game of it and I would go as slow as I could, and I couldn't even last half as long as he could.

    Go ahead and time yourself peeing. Have you ever hit 60 seconds? Ever hit 90 seconds? It doesn't sound like much but holy smokes, it's remarkable.

    If these ever come to North America I know my father will have all time high scores wherever he goes lol.

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    Pretty disgusting, really. Public toilets are creepy enough at the best of times without this sort of stuff going on - I just hope it doesn't become a fad.

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    For once, we can't blame Japan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmelded View Post
    'Nintendo Wee' lolololol

    Pretty funny stuff.

    I want to try :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by TradewindNQ View Post
    one thing is for sure...
    urine for a good time!

    I giggled.

    Admittedly though, I think this is kinda gross.
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    i saw this on the bbc website briefly, but didnt read it. i just assumed it was another crazy product of japan. didnt realise it was in london :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thruggy View Post
    Would blizzard really want to make another horde leader end boss of an expansion? Sylvanas is the last person who i would put in as a leader of the horde.

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    Going to the loo while you're out can be a drag? An absurd statement befitting a ridiculous idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    For once, we can't blame Japan.
    i bet they'll come up with the turd-controlled video game...

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    lots of people going to waste their shoes
    Quote Originally Posted by BoomChickn View Post
    The reason the smart people are miserable because their head hurts so much from facepalming at all the stupid people, its so simple.

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    Best idea since...Pokemon I guess.

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    Oh my god this is hilarious. Such a fucking waste of money, too. This is something that only some people might like and even then probably only for the first couple times.

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    Do we really need to be 'entertained' 24 god damn 7 now? This is ridiculous.

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